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Sah Polymers Live Subscription

IPO Status: Listed [30th Dec 2022 to 4th Jan 2023]

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Sah Polymers IPO Live Subscription (NSE + BSE)

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Sah Polymers IPO live subscription information is collected from NSE and BSE site. We merge both the data and present it in a readable format. Live subscription information updates in every 10 mins for the open IPO.

  • Qualified Institutional Buyers: 30,60,000 Shares (54.55%)
  • Non-Institutional Investors: 15,30,000 Shares (27.27%)
  • Small NII (SNII- Bid below ₹10L): 5,10,000 Shares (9.09%)
  • Big NII (BNII- Bid above ₹10L): 10,20,000 Shares (18.18%)
  • Retail Individual Investor: 10,20,000 Shares (18.18%)
IPO Bidding Live Updates from BSE + NSE
Day QIBNIISNII (Below ₹10L)BNII(Above ₹10L)RIITotal
 # of Share Offered30,60,00015,30,0005,10,00010,20,00010,20,00056,10,000
130th Dec 2022 17:020.38x1.00x0.74x1.12x2.07x0.86x
22nd Jan 2023 17:020.39x2.94x2.55x3.14x7.46x2.37x
33rd Jan 2023 17:021.05x6.49x6.68x6.40x16.53x5.35x
44th Jan 2023 19:022.40x32.69x30.20x33.94x39.78x17.46x

What is current subscription data for Sah Polymers ?

The current subscription data is updated in report by the total number of offering compare with total shares bid in each category for Sah Polymers . This information has been updated every 10 mins when IPO bidding is open. Numbers are calculated from both NSE and BSE data.

IPO Bidding Live Number of Shares by Category
CategoryNumber of Shares offeredNumber of Shares Bid
 Small NII5,10,0001,53,99,880
 Big NII10,20,0003,46,15,000

Sah Polymers IPO Dates

Latest and updated information about Sah Polymers IPO. Dates are updated as they are announced.

IPO Activity Date
IPO Open Date 30th Dec 2022
IPO Close Date 4th Jan 2023
Basis of Allotment
Finalisation Date*
9th Jan 2023
Refunds Initiation* 10th Jan 2023
Credit of Shares
to Demat Account*
11th Jan 2023
IPO Listing Date* 12th Jan 2023

* - Tentative Dates

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Last Updated on 2024-06-29T11:36:56+00:00


The Sah Polymers IPO is subscribed 17.459 times till 2023-01-04 19:00:00. The Total Number of shares bid are 97944810.


InvestorGain provide a live IPO subscription status page where you can check the subscription status combined from NSE and BSE for Sah Polymers IPO. The subscription will be updated every 10 mins when IPO is open. Please find the below link to check the status:

Sah Polymers IPO Live Subscription


Retail investors are non-institutional investors who place IPO bid of not more than ₹2,00,000. The Sah Polymers IPO retail subscription is 39.7841 times till 2023-01-04 19:00:00. The total number of shares bid for retail category is 40579820.


The NII or non-institutional investors are the investor who place IPO bid of more than ₹2,00,000. The Sah Polymers IPO NII subscription is 32.6895 times till 2023-01-04 19:00:00. The total number of shares bid for NII category is 50014880.


The Sah Polymers IPO QIB subscription is 2.402 times till 2023-01-04 19:00:00. The total number of shares bid for QIB category is 7350110.