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ProStocks Trading Apps, Benefits and Review 2024

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ProStocks Trading Platform Review
ProStocks Offers Free delivery trade and flat Rs 15 per order for Intraday and F&O.
Unlimited monthly plan for Algo Traders.

ProStocks launched many trading platforms for smartphone and web-based platform: ProStocks Star Mobile App, ProStocks Star Web Trading, ProStocks Desktop Trade Terminal, and the FoxTrader trading platform. With its state-of-the-art technology and user-friendly interface, ProStocks offers a seamless trading experience. Key features of these platforms include real-time market data, advanced charting tools and customizable watchlists. Through its trading platforms, you can trade and invest in a wide range of products. ProStcoks trading platforms are freely available to use and its brokerage chareges are also very competitiable in the broking industry. That is the reason why ProStocks is a very popular trading platform in the Indian stock market.

ProStocks Star Mobile App

The ProStocks Star Mobile App is a game-changing trading platform in the Indian share market. This innovative and user-friendly app provides real-time market updates and keeps users informed about the latest trends and news. With its advanced trading features, tools and products, this app makes trading easy and convenient so that experienced traders and beginners can use the ProStocks trading app comfortably. Users can easily manage their portfolios, track their investments, and access comprehensive market analysis and research.

ProStocks Star Mobile App Features

  • User-friendly interface
  • Personalized watchlists.
  • Real-time market updates.
  • Advanced charting tools, indicators and market watch lists.
  • Easy money transfer options.
  • A wide range of trading and investment products.
  • Advanced order placement option.

Benefits of ProStocks Star Mobile App

  • For beginners this trading app is easy to use.
  • Good customer reviews
  • Light weight : Trading app can be run on the lowest system configuration.
  • Both Trading and Investment can be made through only single app.
  • Managing and monitoring the portfolio can be done.

Download ProStocks Star Mobile Trading App

ProStocks Star Mobile Trading App Demo Video

ProStocks Star Web Trading

ProStocks Star Web Trading Platform is revolutionizing the way people trade online. With its advanced features and user-friendly interface, ProStocks Star offers a seamless and efficient trading experience. Highlights of this web-based platform include real-time market data, customizable watchlists and intuitive charting tools. With this web-based trading platform, users do not need to download and install the software to trade, they just need to log into Prostcoks trading account by visiting this website.

ProStocks Star Web Trading Features

  • Advanced Orders Types
  • Market Depth and Level II Data
  • Real-time Market quotes, indices and updates.
  • Payment gateway with leading banks
  • Multi- Asset Trading
  • Support Algo trading
  • Easily manage and control portfolio.

Benefits of ProStocks Web based Trading

  • Platform Independent
  • Adapatability in mobile application
  • 3rd party API support
  • No need to download and install the trading app

Login to the ProStocks Star Trading Platform

Click on this link to Login to the ProStocks Star Web ProStocks Star Login

ProStocks Star Web Trading Demo Video

ProStocks Star Desktop Trade Terminal

ProStocks Star Desktop Trade Terminal is a powerful and feature-rich trading platform designed for seamless and efficient stock trading. By this trade terminal traders can quickly execute their trades in the high volatile market. You can swiftly switch among the multiple screens and place multiple orders at the same time. Its ultra high trading performance gives you a smooth trading experience.

Features of ProStocks Star Desktop Trade Terminal

  • Fully customize trading application
  • In-built Option strategies made easy to master in Option
  • Market Watch and charts across multiple indicators and monitor.
  • Real time and historical indices.
  • Advanced Order Placement Facility
  • Customized order alerts and price alerts
  • Single Sign-in to back-office

Benefits of ProStocks Star Desktop Trade Terminal

  • Integration with API for auto-executed trades.
  • Trade execution goes too fast seamlessly.
  • User-friendly interface and can easily be downloaded in your system.

Download ProStocks Desktop Trade Terminal

Click on this link to freely download the ProStocks Desktop Trade Terminal

ProStocks Desktop Trade Terminal


FoxTrader is the revolutionary, visionary and state-of-the-art trading platform developed by ProStocks. FoxTrader is a powerful trading tool with advanced features and a user-friendly interface. FoxTrader offers a seamless and efficient trading experience with its AI and automated smart trading.

Charges of FoxTrader Trading Platform

FoxTrader trading platform is not free to use. You must purchase a subscription plan, the price of which varies for the different segments and features of the Standard and Premium plans. Check out the pricing details and other information by clicking on this link : FoxTrade Subscription Plans

Features of Fox Trader

  • Powerful charting tools
  • AI based stock suggestion and trade execution
  • Strategies analysis. Testing and Backtesting
  • Market Scanner
  • Multiple Time Frame Analysis
  • Option Analysis
  • Different types of market watch

Benefits of Fox Trading

  • Powerful and professional new-age trading tool
  • Automate trading using ProStock APIs
  • No requirement of programming knowledge to build algos
  • End-to-End Technical Support
  • Paper Trading

Download FoxTrader Trading Platform

After opening the Demat account in ProStocks. You need to buy the subscription plan of the FoxTrader to download it. From the given link you can purchase and download this super-fast trading platform.

Download FoxTrader

ProStocks Star API

ProStocks introduces API integration with the launch of Star API. Star API is a set of simple, Rest-like HTTP APIs that contain all the data you need to create your own custom trading platforms that let you trade the way you want and enrich your trading experience.
ProStocks Star API is generally used for algo traders who want to create their own innovative trading platform. This works according to their predefined rules and strategies. In order to get real-time and accurate market data, quotes, indices, charts or whatever, algo traders integrate their trading platform with other third-party trading software and tools that are experts in a particular segment. This way, they can minimize the risk associated with trading.
You can place many types of orders through the Star API, and when the conditions or strategies and rules you want match the market, a signal is automatically triggered in your trading platform so that your trade is automatically executed. So you don't have to follow watchlists, chart patterns and indices all the time. So you don't have to do fundamental analysis for a particular stock. So with Star API, you can save a lot of time and energy.

ProStocks Star API Features

  • Assists Faster and Real Time Trade Execution
  • Reliable Support for any queries
  • Integration with Third Party Software
  • User Friendly and Simple to use APIs
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Yes, ProStocks Star app is a safe & secure mobile trading application to trade in equities, equity F&O, currency derivatives, ETFs, debt, bonds, etc. Customers data on the app has been protected with 2 factor authentication (2FA). Further, biometric login feature including Face ID and fingerprint based protection is also available on the ProStocks app.


Download the ProStocks Star app on your mobile phone, enter your unique client code, password, and PAN/DOB, and hit the “Login” button. Once the correct details are entered, you will be logged into your ProStocks Demat and trading account. You can now buy and sell shares and securities to trade online.


Yes, ProStocks Star App is a free, lightweight, and feature-rich mobile trading app provided by the broker to trade on the BSE and NSE. Mobile users can download the ProStocks app on Android and iOS smartphone devices and start online trading on the go.


ProStocks offers a sleek design, user-friendly and innovative trading platforms across desktop, web, and mobile app versions. The platforms are designed for both frequent traders and investors to provide a convenient trading and investing journey.

  • Single platform to trade in cash and F&O.
  • Real-time market quotes with multiple market watchlists.
  • Real-time historical and intraday charts.
  • Multiple charting timeframes., 1 min, 5 min, 15 min, 30 min, 60 min, daily.
  • Technical indicators and drawing tools.
  • Bracket order, Cover order, basket order, and GTT order.


Trading means buying and selling of shares with ProStocks app is now a one-click step. Once you have logged into ProStocks account, add the share to the watchlist, place the buy/sell order, enter details in the order window, and submit the order.

ProStocks mobile app allows users to place intraday (MIS), delivery (CNC), Bracket order (BO), Cover Order (CO), basket order, stop-loss order, and AMO (After market order). You can place a market order (Buy and sell order at market price) and limit order (buy and sell orders at a specified price).


ProStocks Star desktop trading software is an installable trading terminal for your desktop platform. The fully-customizable terminal has excellent features for traders from real-time intraday and historical charting to indices-based market watch, multiple order types, customized order and price alerts, in-built option strategies, option calculator, and much more.

To download the desktop software, go to the “ProStocks” website, under the support menu, tap on the “Download” option, and here ProStocks Star Desktop Trading Application will be available for download.


ProStocks Star API is a set of Rest-like HTTP APIs to create a customized front-end trading platform to enrich your trading platforms. Traders can use the API Access to get programmatic access to the order placement feature, order book, access holdings and positions, access to market prices, and more. They can also create their own trading strategies to start algo trading.

ProStocks levies Rs 1000 API subscription charges on both the trading API and historical API access.


Prostocks has 4 types of order products including intraday, delivery, cover, and bracket order. Intraday (MIS, Margin Intraday Square off) means buying and selling of shares on the same trading day means in intraday trades, positions are squared off in the same trading session. If you do not close intraday positions then at 3:15 PM, ProStocks itself will square off the positions at a chargeable fee of Rs 10 per trade.

Steps to place intraday trade order in ProStocks Star app;

  1. Log in to the ProStocks mobile app.
  2. Add the scrip to the watchlist.
  3. Tap on the “Buy” or “Sell” option depending on the order you want to place.
  4. Enter share quantity, and price, and select “Intraday” in the product type.
  5. Swipe the order key and the intraday order will be placed.
  6. The intraday trading order will be visible in the “order” book.


ProStocks Star app is a free mobile trading app compatible on Android and iOS devices. The easy-to-use, lightweight, and fully functional trading app has amazing features for traders and investors such as multiple market wathclists, easy order placement, view order book, position, & holdings, multiple orders including AMO, BO, and CO, advanced real-time charting and pricing quotes, Trading from the charts, easy fund deposit and withdrawal via net banking and UPI, and more.

ProStocks users including residents and NRIs can use the app to trade in equity, derivatives, currency futures & options, ETFs, debt, and bonds.


Last Updated on 2023-09-07