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HDFC Sky Mobile app review 2024

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HDFC Sky Trading Platform Review
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Any customer with HDFC Sky discount broking house can trade via web or mobile app. HDFC Sky app is an all-in-one mobile trading app to trade or invest in all asset classes be it equities, derivatives, currencies, commodities, IPOs, mutual funds, US stocks and ETFs, and fixed income instruments.

What makes HDFC Sky app different from other trading platforms is it is not just a cutting-edge technology app but has smart and clutter-free user interface to navigate seamlessly for new level traders or beginners to experts. Also, it is not only for DIY investors but also offers access to HDFC Securities experts research and recommendations to make smarter trading and investing decisions.

Read more about HDFC Sky app and Web trading platforms review in details including platform fee/charges, important features, charts available, and how to download the mobile app.

HDFC Sky App

HDFC Securities has launched a discount broking app to trade in multiple segments at Rs 20 brokerage. HDFC SKY mobile app is power-packed with many incredible features that every trader or investor may look for. The next-gen HDFC Sky app is an all-in-one app to trade or invest in Indian stocks, derivatives, currencies, commodities, mutual funds, and US stocks.

The lightning fast mobile app allows instant order placement and execution at just a click. Above all features, the app comes with a simple and intuitive interface for seamless navigation that simplifies the complexity of trading and investing in the stock market.

HDFC Sky Mobile App Charges

No charges, yes the HDFC Sky App is available for free to use for all the customers at Rs 0 platform fee. If you have opened a trading account with HDFC Sky, you just need to log in to the platform using your account credentials, and place buy or sell order in your favorite stock.

HDFC Sky Mobile App Features

Let’s quickly know the top features of HDFC SKY app;

  • Trade on BSE, NSE, and MCX.
  • Trade in over 3,500+ listed Indian stocks and 100+ ETFs.
  • Access real-time market data by adding stocks to personalized watchlist with tags.
  • Smart dashboard with dedicated sections for equity, mutual funds, and US stocks.
  • Multi query stock screener to filter stocks and real-time price data.
  • Market movers, track most active stocks, 52 week high and low stocks
  • Track all your investment in multiple assets at one place.
  • Comprehensive stock fundamental and technical data coverage
  • Get complete option chain including open interest analysis, implied volatility, etc.
  • Multiple pre-defined option trading strategies (Bear Put Spread, Bull Call Spread, Short straddle, Iron Butterfly) or create custom option trading strategy.
  • Place advance orders like BO, CO, and GTT order.
  • Execute multiple orders in one-go with basket order using Kart.
  • Advance charting and 100+ technical indicators
  • Set price alerts and get live news and events.
  • Set up a SIP in stocks.
  • Access free expert research & recommendations from HDFC securities.
  • Get technical and fundamental analysis.
  • Zero commission mutual fund investment in over 2000 schemes.
  • Compare upto 5 mutual fund schemes and start SIP or invest lump sum money in your choice of mutual fund.
  • Invest in US stocks and ETFs or invest in expert curated basket, Stacks
  • E-pledge your holdings and get margin trading funding (MTF)
  • Integrated to back office with complete portfolio summary and reports.
  • E-learning platform for trading and investing

HDFC Sky Mobile App Charting Feature

  • Multiple types of charts: Bars, Candlestick, Hollow Candles, Heikin Ashi, Line, Area, and Baseline.
  • Spot market trend with over 100 technical indicators like RSI, MACD, etc.
  • Multiple chart timeframe: 1minute to 1 month
  • Track intraday charts to historic price charts 1 day, 1 week, 1 month, 1 year, 3 year, and complete price history.
  • Tradingview and ChartIQ charting library.

HDFC Sky Mobile App Download

Download the HDFC Sky app to trade at your fingertips on android and iOS smartphone devices (iPad, iPod, and iPhone). Android users can install the app from the Google Play Store while iOS users can get it from the App store.

Click on below links to download HDFC Sky app on your mobile device and start paperless investing journey in Indian stocks and mutual funds.

HDFC Sky App Cons

  • Multiple charts set up feature is not available.
  • The app does not provide direct mutual funds.

HDFC Sky Web

The discount broking firm also offers online trading on browser-compatible HDFC Sky trading website. To trade on the web, you do not need to install any software or application as you can simply login to your trading account on any web browser like Chrome, Firefox, Safari, etc.

HDFC Sky website allows you to trade or invest in multiple assets on BSE, NSE, and MCX. Whether you use a mobile phone, computer, or laptop, you can trade with HDFC Sky web portal via browser.

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HDFC Sky app and web platform allows clients to view scrip charts following these steps;

  1. Log in to HDFC Sky account.
  2. Add the scrip to the market watch.
  3. Hover the cursor on the chart option in the market watch.
  4. That’s done! The screen will display stock chart.
  5. You can select the date range and chart timeframe in the charting window.


Watchlist is a feature to track stock price movement in a real-time. Here’s how you can add a stock to the market watchlist in HDFC Sky App.

  1. Log in to the HDFC sky mobile app on Android or iOS.
  2. On the home screen, in the left side, you will find watchlist.
  3. Type scrip name in the search bar on the top.
  4. The app will display stock on BSE and NSE, click on the + icon to add scrip to your watchlist.
  5. You can add upto 300 stocks in a single watchlist to track their price movement.


HDFC Sky has two types of products; MIS and CNC that are available with almost every broker.

MIS (Margin Intraday Square off) that is used by a trader to place an intraday order. All MIS intraday positions have to be closed the same trading day before the market closure. If not closed, HDFC Sky team will auto square off all MIS trades at applicable charges of Rs 20 or o.1% whichever is lower.

CNC (Cash N carry) is a delivery order that is used to invest in equity shares. Securities or shares purchased through CNC orders are credited to Demat account within T+1 day. HDFC sky users can check it in the holdings tab on the HDFC Sky app and website.


You can do equity intraday and delivery trading with HDFC Sky at Rs 20 brokerage. Intraday trading also called day trading, as all intraday trades are closed or squared off the same trading day.

Steps to place intraday trade in HDFC Sky;

  1. Log in to the HDFC Sky app.
  2. Add the scrip to the watchlist.
  3. Click on Buy or Sell option.
  4. Add order details like price, quantity, etc.
  5. Once executed, the order will be displayed in the positions tab.

All intraday trades are to be settled the same day before market closure otherwise HDFC Sky will close open intraday positions at Rs 20 RMS square charges.


HDFC Sky app has a universal search bar to search a scrip among thousands of stocks listed on BSE and NSE.

The search bar is available in the top left corner below the market watch. Use the search bar to find or add your favorite stock or contracts across all the segments on any exchange.


Intraday orders needs to be squared off by the end of the trading day otherwise the broker itself will close or square all the MIS positions.

A trader can square off positions by either placing an buy/sell order or simply hover over the scrip and tap on square off to close all open positions.


HDFC Sky app has different types of charts available. By default, the chart displayed on the screen is candlestick.

Log in to the app, launch a chart, click on the chart icon on the top and choose any chart from the drop-down. You can change chart type to Bars, Hollow Candles, HeikinAshi, Line, Area, and baseline as per your requirements.


You can check order status including all orders placed, executed, and pending orders on the HDFC Sky app.

Simply log in to the App >>> tap on the orders tab >>> all orders will be displayed. The page will display Pending, Completed, Basket, GTT, and SIP orders.


Last Updated on 2023-11-09