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Macfos was listed on the stock exchange on 01-03-2023. The IPO was subscribed 193.87x. The last GMP for Macfos IPO was ₹80, updated on Mar 1st 2023 08:17 AM. As per the last GMP, the expected profit/loss for the IPO was 78.43%.

The issue price of Macfos IPO (543787) was ₹102, listed at a price of ₹184.00, which is 80.39% higher than the allotment price.

The expected IPO listing price as per grey market was ₹182, listed above GMP price and marked as positive listing for GMP.

**The GMP prices shown here are only news related to the grey market. We do not trade/deal in grey market or subject to rates (sub2), nor do we recommend trading in grey market.

Macfos Day-wise IPO GMP Trend

GMP DateIPO PriceGMPSub2 Sauda RateEstimated Listing PriceLast Updated
01-03-2023 Listing102₹80 64000₹182 (78.43%)1-Mar-2023 8:17
28-02-2023 102₹86 64000₹188 (84.31%)28-Feb-2023 16:21
27-02-2023 102₹87  66000₹189 (85.29%)27-Feb-2023 16:47
26-02-2023 102₹86 85000₹188 (84.31%)26-Feb-2023 7:00
25-02-2023 102₹86  85000₹188 (84.31%)25-Feb-2023 7:53
24-02-2023 Allotment102₹84 75000₹186 (82.35%)24-Feb-2023 15:47
23-02-2023 102₹86  80000₹188 (84.31%)23-Feb-2023 16:02
22-02-2023 102₹81 80000₹183 (79.41%)22-Feb-2023 16:14
21-02-2023 Close102₹82  80000₹184 (80.39%)21-Feb-2023 16:33
20-02-2023 102₹80 60000₹182 (78.43%)20-Feb-2023 16:28
19-02-2023 102₹82 60000₹184 (80.39%)19-Feb-2023 7:00
18-02-2023 102₹82 60000₹184 (80.39%)18-Feb-2023 7:00
17-02-2023 Open102₹82  60000₹184 (80.39%)17-Feb-2023 16:34
16-02-2023 102₹66  60000₹168 (64.71%)16-Feb-2023 16:48
15-02-2023 102₹62  56000₹164 (60.78%)15-Feb-2023 16:35
14-02-2023 102₹59  56000₹161 (57.84%)14-Feb-2023 16:28
13-02-2023 102₹42  58000₹144 (41.18%)13-Feb-2023 16:24
12-02-2023 102₹0 --₹102 (0%)12-Feb-2023 7:00
11-02-2023 102₹0 --₹102 (0%)11-Feb-2023 7:00
10-02-2023 102₹0 --₹102 (0%)10-Feb-2023 16:12

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Latest IPO GMP

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IPO grey market premium (GMP)

The grey market premium (GMP) is the price at which an IPO is traded in an unofficial/unregulated grey market prior to its listing. The GMP reflects how a particular company’s IPO issue might react on the day of listing. A positive GMP premium signals that the IPO is likely to be at profit while a negative GMP indicates that the IPO is likely to be at a discount.

It should be noted that IPO GMP is subject to extreme volatility, so an investment decision based solely on Macfos SME IPO GMP will prove risky. Therefore, before to investing, consider all factors and make the right investment decision whether to invest in Macfos SME IPO or not.

Macfos SME IPO Dates

Latest and updated information on Macfos SME IPO. Dates will be updated as they are announced.

SME IPO Activity Date
SME IPO Open Date 17-02-2023
SME IPO Close Date 21-02-2023
Basis of Allotment
Finalisation Date*
Refunds Initiation* 27-02-2023
Credit of Shares
to Demat Account*
SME IPO Listing Date* 01-03-2023

* - Tentative Dates

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Last Updated on Mar 1st 2023 08:17 AM


The Current GMP of Macfos SME IPO is ₹80 . The Macfos SME IPO GMP (Grey Market Premium) is the rate of premium, on which, the SME IPO is trading in the grey market or over-the-counter (OTC) market or off-exchange trading between two persons. The GMP price last updated on Mar 1st 2023 09:17 AM.


The estimated listing price for Macfos SME IPO is ₹182 which is approx 78.43% gain. The latest GMP of Macfos SME IPO is ₹80. The GMP price last updated on Mar 1st 2023 09:17 AM.


User Reviews

1. Umesh Feb 17 2023 02:20:12 PM Reply
Which one has more advisable?
1 Big HNI vs 2 small HNIs?
2.1. Vinay Jain Feb 18 2023 10:09:28 AM
Both will be a lottery - 1 Big HNI and 2 small HNI - Ration will be defined on the number of applications received in that bucket. Please refer past basis of allotment, it''s 100% your luck. you cant drive any logic as to which one works for you.
In both cases you will get an allotment of 1 lot only.
Shera Energy Basis of Allotment
2.2. Umesh Feb 20 2023 01:47:55 AM
So applying two small HNIs have more chances than applying for one big HNI. Cause there are two applications, am I correct?
If even big HNI is going to alott only one lot then better apply for retail category. Subscription there is less than HNI. Also, I heard there is 75% of HNI goes to Big HNI & rest to small HNI. If that�s the case then Big HNI bidders must be luckier than small ones, even if they are going to get only one lot. Chances are high for them also..
2.3. Vinay Jain Feb 20 2023 09:53:00 AM
Umesh Sir, Yes, it all depends on how many applications are received in each category. So when you analyze data from the BoA document, you will see Ratio like 14:705 in retail (2000 shares), 4:371(4000 shares), 1:64(6000 shares),3:157(8000 shares),1:39(10000 shares),2:41(14000 shares),1:8 (44000 shares). So it's difficult to find which one is going to be a better choice. This data is from Shera Energy BoA.
If you are applying above the BIG HNI level, you can see probability is higher. So applying 10L vs applying 10 Cr, the probability of 10C is higher compared to 10L.