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Comparison between Fyers Thematic and AngelOne ARQ Prime?

Thermatic is an in-house product of Fyers, whereas ARQ Prime is a byproduct of Smallcase. ARQ Prime gives recommendations from an algorithm based, tested with cutting-edge technology advisory which reduces the risk of emotional bias.

ARQ Prime has a single product basket of up to 20 shares, whereas Fyers Thematic has many different stock baskets based on themes like Banking, IT, FMCG, and so on.

AngelOne ARQ prime is paid service and one needs to pay a monthly fee of Rs 100* (* - For the latest price visit the AngelOne website), whereas Fyers Thermatic is a free service from the broker.

If we compare both the product, AngelOne ARQ prime is looking more reliable as the stock basket is selected by technology. Both the products have a rebalancing process as well as performance reports which are market standards no

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