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SAMCO Products and Services 2024

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SAMCO Product and Services
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SAMCO is a registered trading member of BSE, NSE, and MCX to allow customers to trade in the equity, F&O, currencies, and commodities segment. SAMCO also allows customers to invest in mutual funds and IPOs. The broker also provides stock ratings and expert-curated long-term stock investment ideas on the Stockbasket platform.

If you are a mutual fund investor, you can find out the top-rated mutual fund schemes on its RankMF platform. Its SmartSwitch feature also enables you to switch from poor-rated schemes to the best-quality mutual funds.

Let's find out more about types of accounts, trading and investment products, and services by SAMCO;

Types of Accounts offered by SAMCO

SAMCO Demat Account Yes
SAMCO Trading Account Yes
SAMCO Commodity Trading Account Yes
SAMCO Mutual Fund Account Yes
SAMCO 3-in-1 Account No

SAMCO offers free 2-in-1 (trading cum demat) account opening services to all customers. A trading account is used to place buy and sell orders in different segments whereas demat account keeps all shares or securities in electronic form. If you are a commodity trader and want to trade in commodities on MCX, you can open a commodity trading account with SAMCO. The discount stock broker has not partnered with any bank thus, you cannot open a 3-in-1 account.

SAMCO charges a maximum of Rs 20 per order brokerage fee on all intraday and F&O trades while allows free mutual fund investment.

SAMCO Trading and Investment Products

Equity Intraday ¬ MIS Yes
Equity Delivery - CNC Yes
Equity Futures & options Yes
Commodity derivatives Yes
Currency derivatives Yes
IPO-Initial Public Offering Yes
NCDs-Non-Convertible Debentures No
Mutual Funds Yes (Only regular MFs)
StockSIP Yes
Banking No
Insurance No
Stock Research Yes

SAMCO offers multiple trading and investment products to customers. If you have a SAMCO account, you can trade in equities, F&O, commodities, and currencies on BSE, NSE, and MCX exchanges. Also, the broker allows you to apply in IPOs and invest in mutual funds. It provides expert-curated mutual fund recommendations on the RankMF platform. However, direct mutual funds are not available with SAMCO.

SAMCO Margin Trading

Get upto 4 times leverage or exposure on margin trading in over 500 stocks with SAMCO. The discount broker has two margin products; CashPlus and StockPlus. Here are the details;

SAMCO CashPlus

    SAMCO CashPlus facility allows its clients to get delivery leverage in the Equities segment to purchase shares on the NSE and BSE. One can get leverage up to 4X based on the shares purchased. There are 300+ stocks available for equity delivery leverage on CashPlus and the broker charges 0.05% per day on the outstanding amount. Any SAMCO client can subscribe to the product at Rs 1,000 annually.

SAMCO StockPlus

    SAMCO StockNote provides you margin against shares you own to trade for Intraday Trades and Positional Trades in the NSE F&O, and NSE CDS Segments. All the SAMCO clients can subscribe to StockPlus for Rs 1500 per annum.

SAMCO order types

Market order Yes
Limit order Yes
Stop Loss market (SL-M) order Yes
Stop loss Limit (SL-L) order Yes
Bracket order (BO) Yes
Cover order (CO) Yes
Aftermarket order (AMO) Yes
Good Till Triggered order (GTT) Yes


Yes, you can place and execute buy today, sell tomorrow (BTST) trades with SAMCO. The facility allow SAMCO clients to sell the shares before getting its delivery in the Demat account. To do BTST trades, you have to place a CNC order.

SAMCO Trading and Analytical Tools

SAMCO offers a bunch of tools to help traders in trading and investing. With these tools, one can quickly calculate margin requirements, place advanced orders, keep a check on your portfolio risk, and much more.

    SAMCO Margin and Span Calculator

    SAMCO Span Margin calculator lets you calculate comprehensive span margin requirements for option or F&O while trading in equity F&O, commodity, and currency before taking a trade. It calculates the span margin and exposure margin required by the exchanges based on volatility, underlying price movements amongst other factors.

    SAMCO Brokerage Calculator

    With the SAMCO Brokerage calculator, you can easily calculate entire brokerage costs and other transaction costs for your trading patterns even before you execute your trades. This also helps in comparing the trading costs in SAMCO and a traditional broker.

    SAMCO Risk Monitor

    SAMCO Risk Advisor portrays an honest picture of risk so that traders can get a correct picture of their investments. It has features like sector allocation, diversification, rated and unrated stocks, and single stock exposure so one has less risk and chances of losing their hard-earned money.

    SAMCO Stock Ratings

    SAMCO analyses the financial positions of companies and scans them at multiple parameters to rate. These parameters include the efficiency of the business, growth potential, the sustainability of earnings, constructive or destructive power of Leverage, ability to generate free cash flow, transparency amongst several others.

    SAMCO Caution Stock Watchlist

    Samco keeps a watch on the caution stocks list where operators try to create artificial volumes in the market by circular trading and increasing the prices of these stocks. This expands the volume and prices rise up but once the general public buys them, manipulators sell their shares to the public and the stock starts tanking.

    SAMCO Pledge Monitor

    SAMCO pledge monitor helps its clients to identify how to pick stocks by tracking one of the most overlooked parameters of Promoter pledged holdings. Promoters of these companies end up being excessively leveraged in their personal capacity and any default results in the invocation of shares.

    SAMCO Option Value Calculator

    SAMCO Option Fair Value Calculator calculates the fair value of call options and puts options. This tool is used to simulate the outcomes of prices of the options in case of a change in factors impacting the prices of call options and put options.

SAMCO Call & trade

Using the call & trade feature, you can place trades across Equities, Derivatives & Currency between 9 AM to 11:55 PM from Monday to Friday (Excluding Exchange Holidays) and SAMCO charge Rs 20 per executed order for call & trade and you receive a trade confirmation through SMS or Email. Call & Trade contact number: +91 – 22 – 2222 7777 | +91 22 - 6169 9000.

SAMCO Customer Services

SAMCO Customer service is delivered deliberately through toll-free no, email, online support portal. You can also go through FAQ onsite for all your trading related queries.

SAMCO Contact Number/SAMCO Customer Care Number: 91 22 2222 7777 | +91 22 6169 9000

SAMCO Securities Branches is an online investment website of SAMCO Securities Ltd. SAMCO Securities offers all of its customer services through its website only.

SAMCO has an office in Mumbai and its all services are offered online.

SAMCO Securities Limited

1004 - A, 10th Floor, Naman Midtown - A Wing,

Senapati Bapat Marg, Elphinstone Road,

Mumbai - 400 013, Maharashtra, India.

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CashPlus is a facility offered by SAMCO which allows clients to get leverage for Equity Delivery. It enhances the buying power of customers with a lower amount of Cash available in the trading account. Any SAMCO customer can subscribe to the service at Rs 1000 per year as subscription fees.


These are the types of orders offered by SAMCO. In cover order, you can place 2-in-1 order where you can put a stop loss along with the initial order. While in bracket order, you can also place target along with stop loss and initial order and it is often known as 3-in-1 order. These orders use less margins than multiple orders.


NRML or the Normal Margin (Full Form of NRML) order is used to carry forward trades in the derivative segment and for a special product in SAMCO called “CashPlus” in the Cash segments. Intraday trade in MIS can also be converted into NRML trade provided the required margin is available in the client’s trading account.


SAMCO has come up with a new plus product which offers leverage on intraday trading in options, both buying and selling is known as OptionPlus. Currently, it is available for only actively traded stocks and not for commodities and currencies. Anyone can subscribe to this product for Rs 999+GST annually.