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IIFL Securities Products & Services Review 2024

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India Infoline Limited Product and Services
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Being a full-service broker, IIFL offers multiple products and services to investors in various segments. The company has given its unique combination of superior service, cutting-edge proprietary technology, advice powered by world-acclaimed research, and unparalleled reach through over 2500 business locations across over 850 cities in India. It has a full-fledged trading and investment banking team which looks after the investments in wealth management and other financial planning products and services.

IIFL Products

IIFL is a leading player in full-service broker and offers broking services to the retail as well as institutional segments. Various product offerings by IIFL are as follows:

  • IIFL Equity Trading

    IIFL offers the services of depository participant and a broker. In the equity segment of IIFL, you can buy and sell the shares of the companies quoted on BSE and NSE. The broker is known as a leading player in the equity segment because it has an efficient research team and customer service team which provide traders best advice. It offers its all investors to invest in Equity SIP, where investors for a period of say 6 months to invest 3000 per month or any other permitted frequency in shares of BHEL, or you can choose to buy 1 share of BHEL every month or any other permitted frequency.

    IIFL Mutual Funds Investment

    IIFL broker allows investors to invest in the variety of mutual funds of more than 40 asset management companies which can be invested in multiple funds to diversify the portfolio. Any trader who is registered with IIFL can invest in these funds which give access to its traders to 700 branches that handle mutual fund clients. They can invest in mutual funds through SIP or lumpsum mode.

    IIFL Commodity Trading

    IIFL allow its traders to invest in two original sections of the commodity, agricultural commodity and non-agricultural commodity and other movable properties like gold, metal, etc. The broker works with the authority body of commodity trading, Forward Market Commission. It also allows its users to get free tips and analysis of market trends to trade in the commodity segment. IIFL offers Commodity SIP where anyone can invest in it for a period of say 6 months to invest 1 lot of gold/silver every month/ other permitted frequency through commodity SIP.

    IIFL Currency Trading

    IIFL allows its clients to trade in various currency segments that are listed on NSE and MCX. This market has huge liquidity and opens 24 hours. It offers multiple transactions in the global market such as Euro, US Dollars, Japanese Yen, British Pound, Swiss Franc, Australian Dollar, Canadian Dollar, etc. The benefits of trading in currency with IIFL are high liquidity, low brokerage, high leverage margin, and 24 hours trading allowed.

    IIFL Derivatives Trading

    IIFL offers to invest in the derivatives where you can trade in futures and options with your IIFL Trading Account. With well-planned strategies based on a thorough study of the markets, individual investors, and traders, IIFL lets traders earn the handsome returns. The broker offers a flat brokerage plan where traders can buy and sell futures at a fixed brokerage of 0.5% to 0.2%.

    IIFL Fixed-Income Instruments Products

    IIFL provides the facility to invest in fixed-income instruments through IIFL Trader Terminal. They provide income at fixed and regular intervals or the end of a specified period. These instruments are bonds, fixed deposits, debentures, PPFs, etc., which provides regular income at very low risk.

    IIFL Initial Public Offer (IPO) Investment

    IIFL allows its investors to subscribe to IPOs online through its proprietary trading software, Trader Terminal. Other than this process, clients can also apply in IPOs through filling offline forms which can be submitted at the collection centers or the collecting bankers to the issue. One can also apply through the India Infoline website,

    IIFL SME Exchange

    IIFL SME Exchange allows its investors to trade in small and medium enterprises where any IIFL client can invest in SME companies listed on BSE and NSE. These are such companies that provide employment to about 60 million people.

IIFL Services

IIFL offers a variety of services including asset management, broking, financial product distribution, wealth management, and much more at nominal prices.

  • IIFL Financial Planning

    IIFL offers financial planning to its clients where the broker invests the funds of investors in such assets which helps them to attain the financial goals according to his risk profile. They plan according to the market conditions and also consider the financial capacity of investors.

    IIFL Wealth Management

    IIFL also provides wealth management services where it offers private wealth advisory services to high-net-worth individuals (HNI) and corporate clients. These wealth management services are for a person and his/her family's financial as well as non-financial assets under IIFL Private Wealth Plan. This service is backed by in-depth research and an excellent personalized service team.

    IIFL Investment Banking

    IIFL Investment banking service helps companies and other entities raise capital, mergers and acquisitions advisory, transaction advisory, etc. It also manages the IPOs and QIPs and is also active in private equity and debt capital space.

    IIFL Asset Management

    IIFL offers asset management services where it focuses on long-term growth through its unique asset class. It works on the high-conviction investment ideas and that’s why world-class FIIs and leading HNIs to trust the company for their money.

    Other than the above-listed services, IIFL as a company offers multiple financial services such as personal finance, discretionary portfolio management services, insurance, etc.

IIFL Online Investor Branches is an online investment website of IIFL Online. IIFL offers most of its customer services through its website only.

They also offer customer service though branches which are located around the country in almost all major cities in India.

Customer could visit any local IIFL branch and ask for help related to IIFL Trading & Demat account, IIFL Commodity account. If the branch doesn't exist in your city, still you can open account with IIFL Online and start your investment via online trading platform and call n trade service.

IIFL Branch Locator / Sub Broker

IIFL Online website provide the branch locator under customer service section. This locator can be used to locate the branch nearby you.

Find the nearest IIFL Online around you.

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Any trader can start investing in equity SIP in two ways, which are, TT Web and TT exe.

To invest through TT Web, follow the steps:

  • Login to TT Web.
  • After login, click on the tab Market and then Equity SIP
  • Fill in the required details, accept all Terms & Conditions
  • Click on 'Submit'

To invest through TT Exe, follow the steps:

  • Login to TT Web.
  • After login, click on the tab SIP, then orders and Equity SIP
  • Fill in the required details, accept all Terms & Conditions
  • Click on 'Submit'


Commodity SIP requests can be placed only in select scrips as approved by IIFL. Currently, the broker only offers e-gold and e-silver scrip. IIFL Securities may include or exclude any scrips from the Stocklist at any time without any prior intimation.