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5paisa Capital Ltd Product and Services
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5paisa Capital Ltd is the 2nd largest discount broker in India after Zerodha. The online discount broker is growing rapidly due to its huge product portfolio including equity, F&O commodity, currency, IPO, MF, ETF, NFO, insurance, NCDs, bonds, and others. To trade-in various offerings, the broker provides two types of account, one is All-in-one account (2-in-1 account; Free 5paisa demat account + Trading account and Free Mutual Fund account) that allows trading & investment across various financial products and another is Mutual Fund Account that only allows investment in mutual funds. The large product portfolio is not the sole reason that attracts people to open an account with 5paisa but also there’s an uncountable number of reasons such as its low brokerage –Trade at just Rs. 20/Trade, rapid growth, digital services, robust trading platforms, etc. attract audience base. Customers can even flat fee of Rs. 10/per trade under Platinum and Titanium plan and also access free research advisory i.e. intraday research, Smart Investor, and Swing Trader. In addition, clients can also avail margin trading facility, call & trade, thematic investing - Smallcase, and other value-added services offered by 5paisa. Scroll down the page to get a comprehensive review of 5paisa products and services including demat account, trading account, mutual fund account, segment trading, research tools, and others.

  • 5paisa Demat Account

    • In March 2019, the low-cost discount brokerage house accredited as a premium depository participant by CDSL. 5paisa Demat Account also called dematerialized account needs to open to hold physical certificates of shares and securities electronically and thereby reduce the possibility of any theft or loss. The demat account is a single account to keep shares, derivatives, commodities, currencies, MF, and others. The key benefit is that a client can open a Free demat account with 5paisa and it is linked to the trading account to help traders to trade seamlessly. The demat account is well integrated with all the trading platforms such as a mobile app, trading software, and online/web trading.

    5paisa Trading Account

    • The trading account with 5paisa facilitates trading in equity, derivatives, commodity, currency, mutual funds, IPO, ETF, NCD, etc. One can open an All-in-one Trading Account with 5paisa to manage investment across segments from a single account. Being a discount broker, it provides trading facilities at the lowest brokerage fee, thus, by trading with 5paisa you can save brokerage cost. One can open a 5paisa Trading Account online and start trading within a few minutes.

    5paisa Mutual Fund Account

    • The broker also offers a mutual fund account opening service that is particularly useful for MF investors. If you’re among the one who wants to invest in mutual funds then, instead of opening an all-in-one account, you can open a Free Mutual Fund Account with 5paisa. Both the direct as well as regular schemes are available with the broker and clients can invest via any mode, be it SIP or lumpsum.

    5paisa Equity Trading

    • In November 2017, 5paisa became the registered trading member of BSE and NSE, thus, the broker offers equity trading across both the exchanges. One can start trading with 5paisa at a flat brokerage fee of just Rs. 20/per trade, however, the broker provides free equity delivery trade under Titanium plan.

    5paisa Derivative Trading

    • 5paisa also allows trading in futures & options means derivative segment. F&O Trading with 5paisa is charged at a flat fee of Rs. 20/trade under Optimum plan whereas it is just Rs. 10/order under Platinum and Titanium subscription plan.

    5paisa Commodity Trading

    • In April 2019, 5paisa granted with MCX membership and then, started commodity trading on MCX. To trade-in commodities, clients don’t need to open a separate commodity trading account because, with just an All-in-1 account, you can trade on MCX. To do so, one just has to log in to their account, and under the “Profile” option, “Segment” section, select “MCX” as well.

    5paisa Currency Derivatives Trading

    • 5paisa is an active trading member of Currency Derivative Segment with NSE to enable people to trade in the currency segment. 5paisa also has a specialized research team that provides customized hedging strategies while trading in global currencies.

    5paisa IPO Investment

    • Investment in IPO is also possible with 5paisa with both the ASBA as well as UPI process. One just needs to log in the 5paisa Trading Account either on the mobile app or web to apply in IPO. The broker provides details about all the upcoming IPOs, past IPOs' performance, and others.

    5paisa Auto Investor

    • 5paisa Auto Investor feature offers a customized mutual funds portfolio to investors in line with their investment goal, risk appetite, and tenure. MF investors can create a personalized MF portfolio by entering their financial goal i.e. car, retirement, child education, marriage, etc., the timeframe to achieve it, and undertaking risk profiling test and thereafter, the broker will pick the right fund/s by aligning it with your investment specification.

    5paisa Insurance Advisory

    • In August 2019, 5paisa launches India’s first 100% automated insurance advisor. The service is completely free of cost and eliminates the requirement to call any financial advisor to seek the advice. Users just need to enter details online that won’t take more than a few minutes and the insurance advisor recommends the insurance cover and suitable insurance plan covering all the benefits that the client is looking for. The tool further assists clients to compare different insurance policies and take decision accordingly.

    5paisa Margin Trading Facility

    • 5paisa provides Margin Trading Facility (MTF) to traders to provide them the liberty to exercise trading without having sufficient money in their account. 5paisa demat and trading account holders can avail margin against shares facility, under which, 5paise provides funds to a client on a short-term basis. On the margins availed, customer has to pay an interest rate. Clients can hold security for T+90 days and the margins facility carries 18% interest p.a. that is payable monthly.

    5paisa Research

    • 5paisa offers research tools to assist people to take decisive and rationalized trading & investment decisions. The low-cost discount broker offers tools such as Swing Trader, Smart Investor, Smallcase, and Sensibull that are discussed underneath:

      5paisa Swing Trader

      Swing trading is a unique tool offered by 5paisa short-term trading i.e. 2 days – 20 days. It is a unique tool that provides fundamental and technical analysis to assist short-term traders to do successful and profitable trading. 5paisa provides such a feature by a partnership with Marketsmith India that is a research & advisory company.

      5paisa Smart Investor

      Smart Investor is a research product to help investors making the right investment decision for long-term wealth creation. In this, 5paisa offers detailed fundamental research of 4000+ companies thus, investors can choose the best stocks handpicked by experts. The broker provides following advanced research tools to customers, provided below:

    • Model Portfolio: The online discount brokerage firm provides a list of stocks picked by researchers under the model portfolio based on fundamental and technical analysis. The stocks are updated regularly with the addition or deletion of scrips with justifiable reasons. As stocks are selected only after carrying in-depth research, therefore, provides better results.
    • Idea List: The broker provides a list of top-performing stocks under various buckets based on robo-advisory and advanced algorithms. It helps to provide a list of scrips or stocks with solid fundamentals and strong history.
    • Evaluation: Stock evaluation reports are presented undertaking fundamental as well as technical analysis along with the 5paisa proprietary stock rating.
    • Market Outlook: As the name itself, it provides daily and weekly market analysis to keep investors informed about the ongoing market trends.
    • 5paisa Smallcase

      Likewise Zerodha, 5paisa also offers Smallcase product that is a modern investment product to create a diversified long-term portfolio for investors. A smallcase is a basket of several numbers of stocks or ETFs based on a trading idea, theme, or strategy. As investment is held in multiple stocks, thus, diversification helps to manage investment risk. Clients are also eligible to set up SIPs to invest in smallcase products by 5paisa.

      5paisa Sensibull

      Sensibull is a popular options trading platform that comes with many advanced features such as Open Interest Analyser, Options Analyser, Screeners, Event Calendars, Greeks, and others. It also offers virtual trading to trade in F&O that doesn’t need real money. F&O traders can use the Sensibull platform to create options strategies.

    5paisa Call & Trade

    • Likewise other discount brokers, 5paisa also facilitates its clients to place a trade over the telephone. 5paisa call & trade charges vary across various subscription plans as optimum plan charges Rs. 100/call whereas the online discount broker offers free call & trade for Platinum and Titanium subscription users.

    5paisa Refer n Earn

    • 5paisa referral program aims to reward referrer on referring 5paisa trading account to their friends, relatives, family members, and others. If the referred person opens a 5paisa account then both the referrer and referee will get the monetary reward of Rs. 250. The offer is applicable from 1st Feb 2020 to 30th April 2020. To get referral benefits, any of the below conditions must be met;

      • Adding a minimum margin of Rs. 1,000 within 3 days after the account opening and margin must be maintained for 15 days or more.
      • Execute trade worth Rs. 5000 or even beyond within the period of 15 days after account opening.
      • The client has subscribed to Platinum or Titanium plan within 3 days, once the account is opened.

    5paisa Partner Program

    • Anyone can join or enroll with the 5paisa Partner Program at zero investment to become a partner with 5paisa. It is the online platform that allows people to refer to clients and get amazing rewards. You can earn up to Rs. 300 each activated customer in your bank account.

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5paisa Trade Station is an advanced web-based trading platform. To place After Market Orders (AMO), you need to select the script. Click on Buy/Sell > Advance Button. At the bottom of the window, you can see a checkbox that says “Place this order after market hours”.

One more important thing we have noticed is 5paisa trade station doesn’t have a separate button for market orders and limit orders. To achieve a limit order, under the price section, you need to define the limit price and select the appropriate order types (Regular, Stop Loss, BO, and CO). You need to select validity which is Day, IOC (Immediate or Cancel), and VTD.

To place an order in market price – the Price should be “0” so the system will consider that as a market order.


In February 2020, 5paisa has launched an all-in-1 unique Portfolio Analyser for investors that not just inform you about the profit & loss on your portfolio but also provides advanced portfolio analytics based on in-house proprietary technology. The key features of 5paisa Portfolio Analyser are mentioned below;

  • Portfolio NAV presentation and its comparison with the benchmark.
  • Evaluate the stock quality based on DVM (Durability, Valuation, and Momentum) score.
  • Decision analysis tool to assist users take the right investment decision.
  • Portfolio concentration analysis.
  • Portfolio valuation and growth trend.


Only Indian residents can open an All-in-one account means a 2-in-1 account - demat and trading account with 5paisa along with a free mutual fund account. The account facilitates trading across all segments such as equity, derivatives, commodities, currency, MF, IPO, insurance, and others. Notably, the broker doesn't offer NRI trading facilities thus, NRIs are unable to open 5paisa Trading Account. However, NRIs with Indian residents can still open an account with 5paisa and trade as an Indian citizen.


Yes, 5paisa provides margin against securities for all the scripts that are traded in derivative segment. The Margin Trading Facility (MTF) allows account holders to borrow the required money from 5paisa and held positions for a period of T+90 days. The MTF service is charged at 18% interest p.a. that needs to be paid every month.


Yes, 5paisa provides call & trade services wherein a customer can call the customer service staff at 89766 89766 to place buy and sell orders in any segment. A client can place an unlimited number of trade orders over a single call. However, the call & trade service is not at all free as the broker levies Rs. 100 call & trade charges for every call.


Yes, 5paisa, the online discount broker provides refer n earn wherein if referee has opened an account with 5paisa then referrer and referee both the parties will be entitled to get a monetary reward of Rs. 250. As per 5paisa referral program, referee has to activate the account by any of the following ways;

  • Add an initial margin worth Rs. 1,000 within 3 days and it needs to be maintained within 15 days.
  • Trade execution worth Rs. 5000 or more within 15 days,
  • Within 3 days, client has subscribed the Titanium or Platinum plan.


Yes, likewise many other stock broking houses including Upstox, Groww, etc. 5paisa also allow its customers to invest in US stocks and ETFs. 5paisa has partnered with Vested to provide a platform for clients to undertake zero-commission investing in US-listed stocks.

Anyone who has opened a global investment account with 5paisa can now purchase US stocks like Amazon, Google, Netflix, Walmart, Tesla, etc. to diversify their portfolio geographically.

5paisa charges zero fees and also there is no minimum balance to be maintained in the US account.


5paisa customers can place a VTT order in the equity cash segment and the orders remain active for a year or 365 days. You can place a VTT order using either the trade station web platform or the 5paisa mobile app. VTT orders cannot be placed for the equity intraday trading segment.

Steps to place a VTT order in 5paisa;

  1. Log in to the 5paisa mobile trading app.
  2. Search and select the script of your choice.
  3. Click on the “Buy/Sell” option.
  4. Under the order detail page, select “VTT” order type.
  5. Enter the quantity (number of shares) and the price at which you want to place the order.
  6. Select stop-loss and target price orders and enter price details.
  7. Go to the “Book” option to check all the VTT orders placed.


5paisa bracket order provides the flexibility to place 3 orders in one click; one is initial intraday entry order, a target order, and a stop-loss order. However, a cover order is a 2-legged order that places an initial entry order along with a stop-loss order.

Steps to place bracket order (BO) in the 5paisa app;

  1. Search or select the stock you want to place BO for.
  2. Go to the detailed order page.
  3. Enter the quantity and price for the order.
  4. Tap on Add stop loss and target price.
  5. Enter target, stop-loss, and stop-loss trigger price.
  6. Click on Buy/Sell, and confirm to place the order.
  7. Bracket order is placed on 5paisa app.

Steps to place a cover order (CO) in the 5paisa app:

  1. Search or select the stock you want to place CO for.
  2. Go to the detailed order page.
  3. Define the share quantity and price for the order.
  4. Tap on Add stop loss.
  5. Enter the Trigger price and stop-loss price.
  6. Click on Buy/Sell, and confirm to place the order.
  7. Cover order is placed on the 5paisa app.


You can pledge shares in 5paisa for multiple reasons like get collateral, avail margin trading facility, or to avail margin benefits.

Steps to pledge shares in 5paisa mobile app;

  1. Log in to the 5paisa account on mobile app.
  2. Go to Book and Holdings page.
  3. Tap on the “Pledge/Unpledge” option on the bottom right side.
  4. Select the scrip or shares you want to pledge and hit “Submit request” button.
  5. Enter the OTP sent on the registered mobile number for authentication.
  6. You will be redirected to the CDSL page, enter your BOID and PAN details.
  7. Validate with OTP authentication and pledging request will be processed in 5paisa.

5paisa Pledging Charges

5paisa charges Rs 12.5+ GST per scrip for margin pledging, Rs 25 + GST per scrip for MTF, and Rs 50 + GST per scrip for pledging for loan against shares. There are no charges on unpledging pledged shares.