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Zerodha Varsity Platform Review, Features, charges, Varsity App

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Zerodha Varsity Review

Zerodha Varsity is a free online stock market education portal. The platform Varsity was launched in 2010 to provide in-depth stock market and financial education to users. Whether you are a newbie or professional, you can access Varsity for Free and get a basic to advanced level of knowledge about various topics like fundamental and technical analysis, futures trading, options trading, and many more.

Currently, the platform has 12 modules that can be read online or reader can also download the module pdf. Varsity Zerodha is available in the web as well as mobile app versions. Scroll down the page further to know Varsity features, charges, modules, app download links, and pros & cons.

Zerodha Varsity Features

  • Online stock market education platform for all with a number of learning modules available.
  • Varsity is absolutely free learning platform at a Zero subscription fee.
  • Varsity platform has 12 financial modules that provide enriched content to offer in-depth stock market knowledge.
  • Well-organized and structured modules with subtopics in each module.
  • You can download the Varsity modules pdf to read it in offline mode.
  • Modules are available in English and Hindi languages.
  • Attend Zerodha Varsity certification exam to get a certificate.
  • Interactive Q&A session allows users to share their doubts and queries to resolve it.
  • Varsity mobile app is also available for android and iOS devices.
  • Varsity Video series is also available on the web for beginner with carefully structured video content.

Zerodha Varsity Charges

    Varsity by Zerodha, an online learning portal is absolutely free at zero charges or subscription fee. Users can access the portal on the web using any browser or Varsity mobile app on android and smartphones.

Zerodha Varsity Modules

The platform has a total of 12 modules with a number of chapters in each module. Here are a brief overview of all the modules available on Varsity Zerodha;

  1. Module 1 - Introduction to Stock Market: This module covers 15 chapters that provide knowledge about stock market fundamentals, its functioning, how to get started, IPO market, clearing and settlement process, trading terminals, FPO, OFS, and others.
  2. Module 2 - Technical Analysis: There are 22 chapters in this module that provides education material to help learners to perform technical analysis by studying different candlestick patterns, charts, identifying support & resistance levels, technical indicators i.e. moving average, etc. Technical analysis is useful to identify a short-term trading opportunity.
  3. Module 3 – Fundamental Analysis: 16 chapters are covered to help readers to study a company’s financial statements i.e. P&L, balance sheet, and cash flow statement through calculating financial ratios and its analysis. Fundamental analysis is important to identify long-term investment opportunities.
  4. Module 4 – Futures Trading: This module is all about trading in contracts in the derivatives segment. A total of 13 chapters provides an understanding of futures trading, leverage, margin, use of margin calculator, futures pricing, open interest analysis, etc.
  5. Module 5 – Options Theory for Professional Trading: 24 chapters are covered in it to help readers to understand call option basics, buying and selling of call option and put option, Option Greeks (Delta), volatility, and others.
  6. Module 6 – Options Strategies: The module is designed to provide in-depth knowledge of different options strategies like Bull Call Spread, Bull Put spread, Call Ratio Back Spread, Bear Call Ladder, Bear Call Spread, Short & Long Straddle, and many others. The module consists of 14 chapters it.
  7. Module 7 – Markets and Taxation: This module provides a basic understanding of income tax, applicable short-term and long-term capital gain tax on investors, taxation for traders, and different income tax return (ITR) forms. There are 7 chapters under the module.
  8. Module 8 – Currency, Commodity, and Government Securities: Spread over 19 chapters, the module provides an understanding of currency trading pairs i.e. EUR, GBP, JPY, and USD INR, commodity trading i.e. Gold, Silver, Crude oil, Copper, Aluminium, Nickel, natural gas, etc., and government securities.
  9. Module 9 – Risk Management & Trading Psychology: The module has 16 chapters and designed to help learners to understand risk analysis and management through measures like variance & covariance, portfolio variance, correlation matrix, etc., and use it for portfolio optimization to do profitable trading.
  10. Module 10 – Trading Systems: It has 16 chapters that provide complete knowledge of trading systems including Pair Trading, Pair Stats, Pre-trade setup, Density Curve, Pair Trade, Linear Regression, Calendar Spreads, and Momentum Portfolios.
  11. Module 11 – Personal Finance: 30 chapters under the module are designed upon personal financial management encompassing various aspects like retirement planning, mutual funds, Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs), Bonds, debt funds, arbitrage funds, and goal-oriented investments.
  12. Module 12 – Innerworth – Mind over markets: The module has 592 chapters that are actually a collection of newsletters on trading psychology like fear, greed, optimism, criticism, emotions, perspective, intuitions, and making a decision.

Zerodha Varsity Video Series

Zerodha has a created a video series on the Varsity web platform with structured video content. The series is especially designed for absolute beginner to learn on several topics including the following;

  • Stock market basics.
  • Technical Analysis.
  • Fundamental Analysis.
  • Futures Trading.
  • Options Trading.

Zerodha Varsity App

In April 2019, Zerodha discount broking firm has launched Varsity mobile app to facilitate learners to study various aspects of stock market education anytime anywhere on their phone. Here are the key features offered by Varsity by Zerodha app;

  • Availability of all modules on various aspects of stock market education on the app.
  • Each module is categorized into 3 levels of difficulty i.e. beginner, intermediate, and advance. Select the right one and start accessing the education material.
  • Set up daily goals using Goals & Straks features to study consistently.
  • At the end of every difficulty level, challenge yourself by being a park of online Quiz.
  • Get a certification by scoring a minimum of 60% score in the certification exam.
  • Get experts’ opinions and views on important events on the Varsity Wall.

Zerodha Varsity App Download

Whether you are an android user or an iOS fanatic, you can download the Zerodha Varsity app from Google Playstore and the App Store.

Zerodha Varsity Pros and Cons

Pros/Advantages Cons/Disadvantages
  • Free education platform.
  • You do not need a Zerodha Demat account to access the Varsity portal.
  • All modules are continuously updated, thus, the latest and updated information is available.
  • Enriched content with real-life illustrations.
  • Users can download the modules in pdf format.
  • Useful for beginner to advanced level traders.
  • Available in Web and mobile app versions.
  • Get certification.
  • Very lengthy content, thus, time-consuming process.
  • No audios and videos are available.

Zerodha Varsity Final Thoughts

    Making money in the stock market is not easy and you must have knowledge for profitable trading & investing. In this respect, Zerodha Varsity is the best online stock market learning platform where you can get the latest and in-depth coverage of various stock market lessons with real-life examples and illustrations for free. The platform is for all from beginner to intermediate or advanced level traders.

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Last updated on 7th Jul 2023


Yes, Zerodha Varsity is an excellent financial awareness initiative and among one of the best stock market learning platform due to the following reasons;

  • Free education portal at nil charges.
  • Zerodha Demat Account is not necessary to access the Varsity portal.
  • In-depth content coverage under each module.
  • Varsity is a bi-lingual platform in English and Hindi languages.
  • The varsity platform is accessible via web or mobile app.
  • Interactive Q&A session and get a certification.
  • Get experts' opinions and views on important events on the Varsity Wall.



Yes, Varsity is a 100% free online learning portal to get knowledge of fundamental analysis, technical analysis, risk management, futures & options trading, MCX trading, currency trading, and others.



Zerodha Varsity mobile app has an online test at the end of every module for each difficulty level i.e. Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced. You can take part of the certification exam to get the certification. Notably, you must score 60% or above to get the Varsity certification.



Steps to login to the Zerodha Varsity App:

  1. First, install the Varsity app on your phone.
  2. Click on the “Get Started” option.
  3. Now, four login options i.e. Kite, Google, Facebook, and Apple ID will appear.
  4. Click on the respective icon to log in, Zerodha customers can log in through Kite credentials.
  5. Enter username and password to successfully log in to the Varsity app.



Zerodha Varsity is a free financial literacy or stock market education portal launched by Zerodha. The platform aims to deepen learners understanding of stock market on various aspects including but not restricted to fundamental and technical analysis, F&O trading, commodity trading, currency trading, personal financial management, government bonds, and portfolio optimization.



You can either study the education material online on the Varsity portal or download the module in the pdf format to study when you are offline. The modules can be downloaded in English or Hindi language as per your preference.

Steps to download the Zerodha Varsity Module PDF;

  1. Access Zerodha Varsity Platform.
  2. All the modules will be available, click on the Module, you want to study.
  3. Scroll down the page and at the end, click on the “Download PDF” option to get the module in the pdf format.



Yes, Zerodha has launched Varsity mobile app in April 2019, so that, users can download the Varsity app and learn various modules on stock market education on their phones. Varsity mobile app is available on the Play Store as well as the App Store for Android and iOS (iPhone, iPad) devices.



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