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Zerodha Smallcase Review| Charges, Features, Smallcase app

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Zerodha Smallcase Review

In 2016, Zerodha has partnered with a fin-tech company “Smallcase” to launch “Zerodha Smallcase” a thematic investment product. Smallcase Zerodha referred to as “Invest in ideas” is a platform to allow investors to invest in a basket of stocks from a particular sector, theme, or investment idea.

it is a great investment product to invest in a group of stocks together and thereby build a diversified, low-cost, and long-term portfolio. Currently, there are 50+ themes available on Smallcase such as All Weather Investing, Rising Rural Demand, Electric Mobility, Safe Haven, Quality - Smart Beta, etc. Customers are free to invest in any of the ready-made thematic portfolios based on their future perception, or they can even create a customized portfolio.

Smallcase for Zerodha platform is available in the web as well as mobile app versions. On this page, get the complete review about how Zerodha Smallcase works, charges, features, login, smallcase screener, Smallcase mobile app, and more.

How Zerodha Smallcase works?

    As said earlier, smallcase is a thematic investing portfolio to invest in a basket of stocks from a particular theme. Let’s take an example of “Electric Mobility” smallcase, now the reason behind creating the theme is that currently, the Indian government aims to promote the use and manufacturing of electric vehicles. So, it ultimately drives demand for the particular segment, so anyone who thinks that the electric vehicle segment can perform exceptionally well in the upcoming years, then, instead of investing in one or two stocks, can invest in “Electric Mobility” smallcase to put his money in a diversified portfolio of stocks from that particular sector to reduce risk. There are 50+ themes available on Smallcase, among which, users can select their favorite theme and undertake investment.

Zerodha Smallcase Charges

    Smallcase Zerodha follows a flat fee structure and by charging a flat fee of Rs. 100+ GST per smallcase regardless of the value of the investment. For instance, suppose if a client invests Rs. 100,000 and Rs. 50,000 in 2 different smallcase then in total, he would be charged with Rs. 200.

Zerodha Smallcase Features

In 2018, Zerodha has introduced an all-new Smallcase 2.0 platform, a simpler, faster, and feature-rich modern thematic investment platform. Check out the important features of Smallcase 2.0 as follows;

  • Smart and intuitive dashboard: New and exciting investment insights feature is provided on the smallcase dashboard. It shows information based on important indicators like valuation, performance, news, etc. for smallcases in the client’s portfolio or watchlist.
  • Zerodha Smallcase
  • Discover themes: There are 50+ ready-made thematic investment portfolios are available under various collections i.e. Sector tracker (IT, Banking, Energy, Infra, etc.), Growth Investing, Smart Beta (Low Risk –Smart Beta, Quality – Smart Beta), Ideal for New investors (All-weather investing, Top 100 stocks, etc.), Long term (Banking privately, Rising rural demand, brand value, specialty chemicals, etc.), explore curated ideas, and Dividend & income (Dividend stars, Dividend Aristocrats, etc.)
  • Customized portfolio: Users can create a customized portfolio with at least 2 to a maximum of 50 stocks. There are over 120 filter options available on the screener to search and add the right stock to the portfolio.
  • Flat fee: Zerodha charges flat Rs. 100 brokerage fee from customers to investing in each smallcase product.
  • Professional management: Every theme or smallcase portfolio is managed by SEBI registered professionals who are experienced in their field, thus, users don’t need to select stocks on their own.
  • Portfolio tracking: View and track investment portfolio performance on the smallcase anytime anywhere.
  • Smallcase SIP: Small investors can start a SIP in smallcase to invest a fixed amount periodically like every month to get good returns in the long-term.
  • Portfolio Rebalancing: You can add and/or delete stocks from smallcase portfolio to rebalance it.
  • Smallcase Risk level: Every smallcase is consists of several stocks and price movement in it ultimately impacts smallcase index volatility and fluctuations. The risk level whether low, middle, and high level indicates smallcase volatility compared to Nifty Index. Users must invest in the right theme in line with their risk aptitude.
  • Historical SIP Returns: The advanced dashboard shows the historical SIP performance of smallcase products to showcase that how small regular investment turned into big returns in the long run.
  • CAGR: It displays Compounded Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) that measures the average annual return of smallcase since its inception.

Zerodha Smallcase Screener

Smallcase is integrated with the most powerful and comprehensive ticker tape stock screener, a stock discovery tool to filter stocks on various parameters i.e. future estimates, broker ratings, ownership structure, profitability, and financial ratios, etc. There are 70+ filters and in-built screeners available on ticker tape to enable users to find the best stock under their choice of investment theme or idea.

There are 2 pricing plans for Screener, one is a free plan and another is Screener Pro plan (paid version) to unlock premium filters and export CSV file. Zerodha provides 14 days free trial of the Pro version and later, charges will be applicable as per the timeline selected. Here are the details:

  • 1 month:₹118 per month
  • 3 months: ₹336
  • 6 months: ₹637
  • 12 months: ₹1133

Zerodha Smallcase Mobile App

Smallcase mobile app is available to facilitate users to invest in a curated ready-made thematic portfolio or in your own customized portfolio. The mobile app enables users to invest in a multiple numbers of stocks on a single click and online portfolio tracking and monitoring anytime anywhere. The Smallcase app is available on the Play Store and the App Store.

Zerodha Smallcase Login

To access smallcase, you must open a Zerodha trading account and use your Zerodha account user ID and password to log in to the Smallcase platform. Check out the Zerodha smallcase web and app login process explained here as under:

  1. Head to the
  2. On the top menu bar, click on the “Login” option.
  3. Enter Zerodha Kite login credentials.
  4. Once done, you will be successfully logged in to the smallcase.
  5. Now, you can discover multiple themes and invest in your favorite theme with a single click.

Zerodha Smallcase Customer Care

Zerodha smallcase customer support number 080 4718 1888
Zerodha smallcase customer-care e-mail [email protected]

Zerodha Trade@20

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Last updated on 7th Jul 2023


Smallcase is a professionally managed portfolio/basket of stocks that reflects an investment strategy, idea, or theme. There are a number of themes available on the Zerodha Smallcase platform, users are allowed to choose the particular theme of their interest and undertake investment in the preferred theme.



No, investing in smallcase with Zerodha is not free. Zerodha levies Rs. 100 flat brokerage to invest in smallcase with Zerodha. However, investment in All Weather Investing or Smart Beta smallcase is completely free but if you placed other orders like investing more, rebalancing, SIP, then charges of Rs. 50 + GST applicable will be levied.



Smallcase is an equity investment product based on thematic investing and portfolio-based investing. Thus, it is a bunch of several stocks based on an investment idea or theme such as all-weather investing, rural demand, etc.

Steps to invest in smallcase with Zerodha;

  • Login with Zerodha Kite ID on smallcase.
  • Select the smallcase product, in which, you want to invest.
  • Click on the “Buy smallcase” option. You can either invest through monthly equity SIP or one time.
  • Your investment will be done.



Yes, Smallcase Zerodha allows SIP (Systematic Investment Plan) as well as one-time (lumpsum) investment. Small retail investors or beginners are advised to start SIP to make fixed regular investment periodically for long-term to get attractive returns.



  • Login to the Smallcase.
  • Discover themes and select the one of your choice or investment idea.
  • Click on the “Invest Now” option and then select the “Monthly SIP” option.
  • It will show the minimum SIP amount, you can increase it as per your wish and then click on the “Confirm amount” option.
  • Upon successful payment, your SIP investment in smallcase will be done.



Yes, Smallcase is the best platform to invest in a diversified, low-cost, long-term portfolio based on a particular theme, idea, or sector.

  • Invest in a ready-made expert portfolio with a single click.
  • Create customized portfolios selecting from 2 to 50 stocks.
  • Best scanner to discover stock/s based on several filters.
  • Low-cost brokerage fee of just Rs. 100 each smallcase.
  • Professionally managed portfolio by SEBI registered experts.
  • Availability in web and mobile app versions.



Anytime, whenever you want, you can sell your investment in smallcase. Here is the process to sell Zerodha smallcase;

  1. Login to the Smallcase Zerodha platform.
  2. Click on the “Exit Smallcase” option to sell it.
  3. You can sell smallcase either partially or wholly, click on the respective option and confirm the order.
  4. Now, a new window will be open showing all stocks in your smallcase with the selling price.
  5. Tap on the “Place orders” option and confirm it to sell Smallcase.



Customers can either invest in a readymade smallcase portfolio or can create their own portfolio by selecting stocks. Here are the steps to create a customized portfolio in smallcase;

  1. Login to the Zerodha Smallcase.
  2. On the top menu bar, tap on the "Create" option.
  3. Enter the stock name in the search bar and click on it to add it to your portfolio.
  4. Here, there are 3 weight options available; Equi-weighted, Market Cap Weighted, and Custom Weighted. Select the relevant option as per your choice.
  5. Zerodha Smallcase Customized Portfolio
  6. Based on the stocks selected, a minimum investment option will appear.
  7. Click on the "Invest Now" option to invest in your customized portfolio or you can save a draft for future purposes.



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