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Zerodha Sentinel Price Alert Review, Charges, Features,

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Zerodha Sentinel

Zerodha Sentinel is a free real-time price alert engine that allows users to create a number of price alerts, once the particular condition is triggered, the software instantly notify users. Thus, Sentinel by Zerodha facilitates users to not track the market movement regularly by simply creating alerts. One can create different types of alerts like simple alerts and advanced alerts across equities, F&O, commodities, and currencies. Scroll down the page further to know Zerodha Sentinel features, how to create alerts on Sentinel, pricing, and more.

Zerodha Sentinel Features

Sentinel, the web-based price alert tool comes with a number of features, here are the details:

  • Simple Alerts: Users can create a simple alert based on different parameters i.e. open interest, volume, price, etc. on the cloud.
  • Advanced Alerts: Sentinel by Zerodha allows users to create advanced alerts by combining multiple complex triggers together using Sentinel Trigger language.
  • Basket Creation: Customers can create a basket of stocks, futures & options contracts, Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs), and bonds and create a trigger for them. Example: If you wish to buy some bank stocks, you may create a basket of bank stocks and add a trigger on bank nifty>26500. When BankNifty hits that condition, you will get an alert for your basket on Kite Notification and on your email. You can open your notification, which will redirect to your pre-set basket order. From that page, you can directly execute the basket.
  • Longstanding Alerts: The Sentinel software allows customers to create a basket for the stocks, set an SL, and create a trigger. Once SL hits, the platform will sent a notification on Kite and allows one-click order execution.
  • One triggers another order: As the name itself, this type of trigger facilitates customers to trigger an order based on change in a different scrip. To create one trigger another order, you have to create a basket and then create a trigger to execute the order.
  • Multi-leg F&O orders: F&O traders can use Sentinel baskets to trade multi-leg F&O strategies.
  • SIP Alerts: You can set an equity SIP alert to systematically invest in stocks, ETFs, or mutual funds. The feature allows users to create a SIP alert for a particular frequency (monthly, weekly, quarterly) and on a particular date.
  • Mobile notifications: The software sent instant notification on Kite web as well as Kite mobile app, once the trigger hits and allows one-click order execution.

Zerodha Sentinel Charges

    In May 2019, Zerodha has made Sentinel platform completely free. Before that, the platform was available in two versions; free and paid version (Pro). But now, users can create a number of price triggers on Sentinel at zero fee.

How Zerodha Sentinel Works?

  1. Visit the Zerodha Sentinel Platform.
  2. Click on the “Login with Zerodha” and enter Zerodha Kite login credentials.
  3. Once logged in, a “Create Trigger” window will appear.
  4. Enter conditions like price, data point, etc. to set price alert.

How to create price alert on Sentinel?

You can create price alerts on Sentinel considering different parameters i.e. price, open interest, volume, etc.

  1. Login to the Sentinel using Kite login credentials.
  2. A “Create trigger” window will be displayed on the screen.
  3. Enter details like data value, stock, alert condition, and name the trigger.
  4. Zerodha-Sentinel-Alert

  5. Once done, the alert will be activated and displayed in the “My Triggers” option.
  6. Zerodha-Sentinel-Active-Alert

Zerodha Sentinel Pros

  • Set multiple triggers as per your trading strategy on Sentinel.
  • Sentinel is a completely free price alert tool at zero charges.
  • Combine multiple alerts together to create an advanced alert using Sentinel Trigger language.
  • Get instant notification via e-mail, Sentinel web, and Kite mobile app.
  • Get a complete history of all the triggers set on Sentinel.
  • Compare a particular stock with different attributes.
  • Create a basket of stocks, F&O contracts, ETFs, and bonds.
  • Set equity SIP alerts or trigger for stocks.
  • 20+ data points to set alerts like OHLC, last traded price, average price, bids and offers, etc.
  • Highly safe and secure platform as secured by SSL encryption and 24/7 support team.

Zerodha Sentinel Cons

  • The platform is not yet available in mobile app version.
  • Once trigger hit, it gets deactivated. To use it again, users have to reactivate the trigger manually.
  • There is no option to reactivate all the alerts on a single click, thus, users have to reactivate each and every alert.

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Final thought on Zerodha Sentinel

    Right entry and exit are the two key points to stay profitable in the market and in this respect Zerodha has successfully launched a real-time price alert tool, Zerodha Sentinel. It is a free platform that can be accessed by users through Zerodha account credentials and allows user to set up a number of alerts across multiple segments like stocks, F&O contracts, commodities, bonds, etc. A vast range of features like simple alerts, advanced alerts, basket, multi-leg F&O orders, etc. are available with the Sentinel Zerodha platform.

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Last updated on 28th Apr 2023

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Zerodha Sentinel


No, it is not necessary to open an account with Zerodha to use the Sentinel price alert software as you can also login to the platform through your Facebook or Google account.



There are a number of data points to create a price trigger or alert on the Sentinel software. Here are the details:

  • OHLC (Open, High, Low, and Close price)
  • Last Traded Price
  • Day Change
  • Day Change Percent
  • Intra Day Change
  • Intra Day Change Percent
  • Last Traded Quantity
  • Average Traded Price
  • Volume Traded
  • Total Buy Quantity
  • Total Sell Quantity
  • Open Interest
  • Open Interest Day High
  • Open Interest Day Low



Zerodha Sentinel is a multiple-segment price alert tool that allows users to create price alerts for stocks, F&O contracts, commodities, and currency derivative contracts as well.



Yes, the price alert engine - Zerodha Sentinel is completely free as the broker does not charge any subscription fee to set stock market alerts on the cloud on Sentinel. The tool is only available in the web version ( and doesn’t available in the form of a mobile app.



Yes, Zerodha Sentinel, a real-time price alert engine is a safe and secure platform that is secured by SSL encryption. Further, Zerodha has a dedicated 24/7 support team to ensure the Sentinel software privacy and security.



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