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Indira Securities Algo Trading Review, Features, Charges, Demo

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Indira Securities Algo Trading Review

Algo trading or algorithmic trading is a buzzword today as 60% to 70% of trading volume on Indian exchanges is driven by computer algorithms. India Securities, the full-service stockbroker, has partnered with Tradetron to provide algo trading to its clients. Now you will surely be interested to know more about how to do algo trading with India Trade, how algo trading works, if there are any fees, or if automated trading is free. Let us discuss everything in detail in this article.
Before going ahead, you must be clear about what Algo trading is. Automated trading means trading using a computer program based on predefined parameters without any human intervention.

What is Algo Trading?

Algorithmic trading or algo trading or automated trading uses artificial intelligence technology to place orders directly on the exchange based on predefined algorithms or conditions. It uses in-built intelligent algorithms and advanced mathematical programs to place and execute buy and sell orders across exchanges.

Algo trading is the future of trading in the stock and commodity markets which is free from human bias and emotional thoughts.

Indira securities believe in to offer a cutting edge technology to its clients. It has the best algo trading platform for you. The robust Tradetron automated trading platform with the broker allows users to trade using fully automated trading strategies.

Many other top brokers including Zerodha, Angel One, Upstox discount stock brokers and Kotak Securities, Sharekhan, and Motilal Oswal full-service stock broking firms provide their trading APIs for algo trading.

Is Indira Securities Algo Trading Free?

Are you curious to know the fees or charges to do algo trading with Indira Trade. Here is great news as there are no charges and the broker offers free of cost trading API to all users.

You only have to open India Securities trading and demat account to access its API for free at zero subscription fees.

Have not opened account yet, open India Securities Demat Account Now.

How Indira Securities Algo Trading works?

Do you want to start algo trading with Indira Securities but don’t know the process. Check out the steps to footstep into the world of automated trading or machine trading with Indira Trade;

  1. Head to the Indira Securities website.
  2. Under the products and services, tap on Algo trading.
  3. A new algo trading web interface will be visible.
  4. Click on the “Log in to Tradetron”.
  5. Now login to the algo trading platform using Indira Securities account credentials.
  6. Create your trading strategy to automate your trading journey.

Why choose Algo Trading with India Securities

  • Algo trading is the best for high-frequency traders.
  • Emotion-less trading as there is no scope of incorporating human emotional experience
  • The Backtesting feature allows Algo users to backtest their trading strategy.
  • Algo trading mechanism helps to execute a large number of trades at ease.
  • Zero auto square off charges of algo trading with Indira Trade.
  • 1000+ Algo trading strategies are available with Tradetron.
  • You can start Algo trading across segmentse. cash and futures & options.
  • Less time consuming: Traders just need to create, backtest, and deploy their trading strategy and the order will be placed accordingly, thus, saves time
  • Usually, traders require programming language for Algo trade, however, here with Indira Securities, you can start Algo trading without coding knowledge.
  • Algo trading allows us to manage multiple open positions at a single time.
  • Zero human errors to place trade (buy and sell) orders.
  • Indira Securities offers unlimited free telephonic support for Algo trading.

Indira Securities Algo Trading Support Desk

Does Indira Securities offer support to Algo traders, yes, the broker has an Algo desk to provide telephonic and email support to all traders.

  • Algo Desk customer helpline number: 91-97547-29942
  • Algo Desk customer support email: [email protected]

If you’re a sub-broker, an employee of any broking or advisory firm, investment advisor, financial planner, research analyst, or insurance advisor, then you can also become Indira Securities Algo Associate or partner and earn commission income.

Indira Securities Algo Trading Pros and Cons

Pros/Advantages Cons/Disadvantages
  • Place and execute orders at a great speed.
  • Do emotions free trading in the stock market
  • Get free Indira Trade trading API to do automated trading
  • Manage hundreds of trade with Indira Securities
  • Zero coding knowledge required
  • Choose from over 1,000+ trading strategies
  • As Algo trading uses computer programming thus it depends on technology. Hence, any kind of system failures or technical risks may be there.
  • Loss of human control over trading
  • Connectivity issues can even lead to unintended consequences or losses.

Final thoughts on Indira Securities Algo Trading

If you are a high-frequency day trader in any segment, Indira Securities Algo trading platform is the best for you.

The platform allows you to automate your trading experience by defining your trading strategy and does not require you to keep a regular check on the market movement. All buy and sell orders are automatically placed on the exchange based on machine algorithms.

Free trading API is an another big plus point for all users to do algorithmic trading with Indira Trade.

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Last updated on 21st Jul 2023

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