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HDFC Digify The Online Mutual Fund Investment Platform

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HDFC Digify The Online Mutual Fund Investment Platform

Launched by HDFC Securities (HDFC sec) in 2018, HDFC Digify acts as a unique platform to allow users to invest online in mutual funds. One of the strongest reasons to trade with HDFC Digify can be attributed to the fact that HDFC offers extensive research-based suggestions that are backed by the finest team of expert. Thus, if you are a newbie who is looking for some assistance while investing in mutual funds, you can definitely seek help over HDFC Digify. All the information is derived from a vast repository of research reports and online education is imparted by the exceptionally skilled advisory team. Currently, HDFC Digify don't have a seprate mobile app, to get access for HDFC Difiy login you need to use an HDFC Digify web login or HDFC security login. If you are HDFC Securities account holder, you can request for HDFC Digify login. In case you are new to HDFC Securities, you can open only HDFC Digifi Mutual Fund account, you don't need Trading or demat account with HDFC Securities. The HDFC Digify account charges - it's free, you don't need any account opening fee.

6 Reasons to Trade with HDFC Mutual Fund Digify

When compared to discount brokers, even though the investment charges are on the higher side (because the company offers only Regular Mutual Fund plans) in case of HDFC Digify, it continues to be a favorite for their clients. Following are some of the main reasons to trade with HDFC Bank Digify, which make it worth your money:

1. Ease of Investment

    HDFC Digify is a single platform that allows users to invest, switch, and redeem mutual funds. Through HDFC Digify, you can make a lump sum investment or you could invest through plans like Systematic Investment Plan (SIP), Systematic Transfer Plan (STP) and Systematic Withdrawal Plan (SWP) - all on a single platform. The ease with which you can invest in traditional and advanced investing options makes it one of the foremost reasons to trade with HDFC Digify.

2. Paperless Processes

    The paperwork and formalities associated with investing in Mutual Funds act as deterrents, thereby, discouraging many investors. However, with HDFC Digify, you will not have to deal with any of that since all the processes are paperless. The entire onboarding process takes place over the phone or the internet so you can do it in a hassle-free manner.

3. Portfolio Tracking

    As a smart investor, it is essential to keep an eye on your investment portfolio as it allows the investor to expand their wealth by capitalizing on the market trends. Even though having a diverse portfolio is profitable, it is a challenge to manage all your assets. HDFC Digify ensures that you are up to date with all latest happenings through the feature to track your profile. Through this tool, you can have to the minute updates on the valuation, annualized returns, dividends, capital gains, asset allocation, and all other details related to your portfolio.

4. Reliable Recommendation backed by Extensive Research

    The main reason why anybody invests in the stock market is to maximize profit and increase their capital gains. Thus, any organization that may help individuals achieve this growth will definitely be a popular and attractive platform. With HDFC Digify, you no longer have to seek out a magic crystal ball that can predict the future. HDFC offers various strategies that will help achieve your desired result. HDFC Securities bank on the experience that they have gathered for nearly two decades. The excellent research team derives recommendations based on an in-depth technical and fundamental analysis of stocks and stock performance. These suggestions are largely accurate. HDFC Digify regularly posts well-researched reports on updated information such as Fund Ratings and Fund Returns.

    In addition to the foundation laid by historical data, the skilled analysis team also keeps a close eye on the market trends and shares insights with the clients. The users will gain access to a wealth of information whether it is the reliable investment/trade/SIP ideas or equity of the week. HDFC Digify also shares live market commentary along with elaborate reports. Thus, you can make informed decisions on the investment options and opportunities.

5. 24x7 Investments

    The world of mutual funds is rather fickle and as a wise investor, you may need some medium to invest at any time and at any given place. HDFC Digify acts as that channel and allows you to make investments as per your convenience. All you need is a stable internet connection and you are good to go. For HDFC Digify customer care number, you need to contact HDFC Securities.

6. Smart Assistants Available on Command

    A successful investor keeps a vigilant eye on the trends and taps into the rise and fall of the market almost instantaneously. Similarly, a smart broking firm takes initiative to offer top-notch technological advancements so that the clients are always connected to make such a quick decision. Keeping in line with this ideology, HDFC Securities have achieved a commendable feat of integrating their financial services with virtual assistants that make use of voice-based Internet of Things (IoT) devices. Investments on Digify can be made through Google Home, Google Assistant, and Amazon Alexa. In fact, HDFC Securities have introduced "Arya", the first Indian virtual assistant that offers broking advice and services through voice-based IoT devices.

    With the aid of these smart assistants, users can carry out a range of activities, which include (but is not limited to) the following:

    • Account Opening: Arya can help users open an account over the HDFC Securities platform. All you need to do is share your contact with the personal digital assistant and your number along with the account opening request will be forwarded to HDFC's account opening team. Once you connect with the executives and are keen on opening your account with HDFC, the on-boarding process shall begin.
    • Choose Investment Options: Users can seek assistance from the virtual assistants to understand the various investment channels and then decide between the options to invest in stocks and mutual funds.
      • Stock Investment Option: On selecting this option, Arya will offer users the up to date stock performances and recommendations. You can take your time and study the recommendations at length and then invest accordingly. Once you make the decision to invest your money, you will receive a smart link from HDFC Securities through which you can complete your transaction.
      • Mutual Fund Investment Option: If you are to select the Mutual Fund option, Arya will provide a list of schemes based on your investment capacity. After you make the selection, Arya will share the Digify link through which you can complete the transaction.

    This cutting edge technology employed is one of the strongest reasons to trade with HDFC Digify.

Final Thought

    HDFC Securities, which has launched HDFC Digify, are indubitably one of the best e-broker in India. The firm is proactively taking measures to offer top-notch technology to its clients. Users do not have to open a separate trading or demat accounts to invest through HDFC Digify, which is a great advantage in its favor. It is also well-known for offering premium customer care services. Additionally, the reliable and accurate investment recommendations that are offered by the experts can dramatically increase the ease of trading and investing. The brand name and reputation of HDFC Securities is yet another reason to trade with HDFC Digify.

    In conclusion, if you are looking for a medium to make an investment and set all the financial instruments in a single basket so that they are easy to track - then HDFC Digify will come to your rescue.

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If you are a resident of India who is above the age of 18, you are eligible to invest through HDFC Digify.


The contact details, such as the email ID and telephone number, that you have entered while signing up at HDFC Digify will act as your login credential. You will receive an OTP when you enter the registered email address or mobile number and click on log in. Once the OTP is verified you will gain access to your HDFC Digify account.


Yes! HDFC Digify allows you to invest in mutual funds even on holidays or off market hrs, 24*7. However, the transaction will be processed on the following trading day.


No! It is not necessary for you to own an HDFC securities trading account to invest through HDFC Digify. You just have to be KYC compliant to invest over the Digify platform.


No. Through HDFC Digify, you can buy or sell mutual funds in an easy manner without the need of a Demat account.


HDFC Securities does not levy any fees for opening an HDFC Digify account. Additionally, users also do not have to pay an annual maintenance charge (AMC) for using and operating the Digify account.


No, HDFC Digify does not give the users access to investment in direct mutual funds.


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