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Tradejini Active Customers and Complaints Detail

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 Active Customers
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The active clients of Tradejini are the number of clients traded in the last month of the last financial year or in the previous month of the current financial year. These are not the total customer associated with Tradejini, but are the active customers who have done trading with Tradejini.

There we also have the number of complaints received by the stock exchange for Tradejini. Again, this is not the total complaints in a year, it is just the last month or year-end snapshot. This will give you an idea of how a broker is fairly dealing with its clients. The higher number of complaints shows issues with the brokers and their services, which can be related to trade, trading tools, connectivity, or contract note.

Tradejini Active Clients

This report shows the number of active clients of Tradejini, total active clients on NSE, and the percentage of market share in terms of active clients. This report is not related to trading volume, it is just the number of active clients.

Year Tradejini Active Clients Total Active Clients(NSE) Client Share
FY 24-25 9,505 4,07,60,808 0.02%
FY 23-24 9,379 4,00,46,538 0.02%
FY 22-23 8,306 3,26,60,214 0.03%
FY 21-22 7,613 3,60,35,020 0.02%
FY 20-21 7,190 1,83,56,146 0.04%
FY 18-19 4,905 87,82,207 0.06%
FY 13-14 1,003 42,88,171 0.02%
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Tradejini Complaints

This report is showing the number of complaints for Tradejini and total active clients.

Year Tradejini Complaints Total Active Clients(NSE) Complaints as % of total active customers
FY 24-25 2 9,505 0.02%
FY 23-24 2 9,379 0.02%
FY 22-23 4 8,306 0.05%
FY 21-22 3 7,613 0.04%
FY 20-21 1 7,190 0.01%
FY 18-19 2 4,905 0.04%
FY 13-14 1 1,003 0.1%