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Paytm Money Online Account Opening Process 2024

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Paytm Money Account Opening
Open Paytm Money account online and enjoy brokerage Free mutual fund investment, Maximum ₹20/trade. Avail special offer with us - Free brokerage for 15 days.

Paytm Money offers a fully digital KYC-based 100% online account opening process to open Demat and Trading accounts using the Paytm Money app. Indian residents can open a Paytm Money account to start equity intraday, delivery and F&O trading at flat Rs. 20 per order brokerage. The broker offers free and Zero AMC Demat account at nil account opening charges. Check out the complete review of Paytm Money online account opening process, charges, required documents, account closure process, and more.

Paytm Money Account Opening Charges

Trading Account Opening ChargesFree
Trading AMCRs 30 per month (Platform fees)
Demat Account Opening ChargesFree
Demat AMCFree

Why to open Paytm Money Demat and Trading Account?

  • Fully digital KYC with 100% paperless online account
  • Zero AMC Demat Account.
  • Free direct mutual fund investment at zero commission.
  • Flat Rs. 20 brokerage on intraday and F&O trading.
  • Simple and easy to use online trading platform; Paytm Money app and Web.

Paytm Money Account Opening Process| Open Paytm Money Account Online

Paytm Money offers a 100% online account opening process to open Demat and Trading Account instantly through the Paytm Money App.

Steps to open Paytm Money Demat and Trading Account online;

  1. Download the Paytm Money app on your mobile phone.
  2. Click on the “Open Demat Account” link.
  3. Enter Mobile number or email and verify it with OTP.
  4. Enter PAN card number
  5. Now, complete the digital KYC process by providing personal details, address details, and bank details.
  6. Upload your photograph for ID proof.
  7. Complete the Paytm Money IPV (In-person verification) process by uploading a 5-second video of yourself.
  8. Upload soft copy of required documents such as PAN Card, Aadhaar card, and bank proof i.e. canceled cheque.
  9. Complete the Aadhar-based e-sign process.
  10. Once all the details are submitted and verified, you will receive the client ID and password on your registered e-mail address to access the Paytm Money Trading Account.

Paytm Money Account Activation Status

Paytm Money account activation process goes through several steps, here are the details;

  1. Complete digital KYC process that takes a maximum of 30 minutes.
  2. The stock market onboarding process takes up to 24 hours or less than a day.
  3. Aadhar based e-sign verification process takes up to 24 hours.
  4. The process of account creation in depository and exchange takes up to 1 day or 24 hours.

The whole process of Paytm Money Demat Account activation takes up to maximum 24 hours and the broker will send the user ID (UCC) and password on your registered e-mail address to log in to your Paytm Money Account. Once an account is activated, it is referred to as Investment Ready (IR).

Paytm Money Demat Account Closure

If in any case, you want to permanently close your Paytm Money Demat Account then you can do it easily. You cannot close Paytm Money Demat Account online as the broker only facilitates offline account closure.

Steps to cancel, delete or close Paytm Money Demat Account;

  • Download the Paytm Money Account Closure Form from the website.
  • Fill out details like client ID, the reason for closure, the name of the account holder, and sign the form.
  • Attach a copy of the ledger and pending delivery instruction slips.
  • Submit the duly filled account closure form to the broker.

Important points:

  • Before closing your account, you must ensure to sell all your holdings.
  • There should be no outstanding balance in your Demat account.
  • If in case, you have transferred your holdings to another broker, then submit the duly-filled transfer form or delivery instruction slip to the broker.

Paytm Money Demat Account Closure Form

  1. Visit the Paytm Money website.
  2. Go to the Download Center page.
  3. Click on the Account Closure Request Form.
  4. The closure form will be downloaded, fill in details, and send the duly filled form to the broker to close your account.

Is Paytm Money Good and Reliable Broker?

  • SEBI registered discount brokerage firm.
  • Intraday, delivery, and F&O trades at just Rs. 20 per order brokerage.
  • Commission-free direct mutual funds investment at 0 brokerages.
  • Easy to use Paytm Money App and web-based trading platform.

New Account Opening - How to join Paytm Money?

Paytm Money provides a 100% paperless account opening process. Users need to complete fully digital KYC using Paytm Money App and open a Paytm Money account online.

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Paytm Money Promo Code

The discount broking firm doesn't have any promotional code for new users.

Paytm Money Referral Code

Paytm Money doesn't have any referral or refer & earn plan for its customers.

    In this section we have covered most frequest scenario you have about new account opening. Does Paytm Money have any promo code? Does Paytm Money have any special Offers? What are the refferal benefit with Paytm Money if I refer my friends or family? How can I start my trade with Paytm Money? Is Paytm Money good and reliable?


IPV (In-person verification) is a mandatory process to complete the digital KYC to open an online account. To open Paytm Money Demat account online, you are required to complete the IPV process by recording and uploading a 5-10 second video of yourself capturing your photo.


Paytm Money does not offer an offline account opening facility however, the account opening form is still available on the broker’s website for user's reference.

Steps to get the Paytm Money Account Opening Form:

  • Visit the official website of Paytm Money broker.
  • Scroll down the page and click on the “Download Resources” option.
  • It will direct you towards a new web page where all the forms will be available.
  • Click on the “Account Opening form” to get the form.

Paytm Money Account Opening Form


The discount broker offers the facility to temporarily freeze or deactivates your Paytm Money Trading Account for a definite period of time. To do so, you have to get the freeze/Unfreeze request form from the website and then enter the period of account deactivation, and other details like DP ID, client ID, and name of the account holder. The duly-signed freeze/unfreeze form needs to be sent to the broker and your account will be deactivated. You can activate your account anytime using the same form.


To open online trading and demat account with Paytm Money, users first have to complete the digital KYC process. The broker facilitates an easy, 100% digital-KYC based hassle-free account opening process through Paytm Money mobile app.

Steps to open Paytm Money Demat and Trading account online

  1. Install the mobile app on your device.
  2. Click on the “Open Demat Account” option.
  3. Enter mobile number, email, and verify the details with OTP.
  4. Enter PAN card details and personal details, bank details, and address to complete the KYC process.
  5. Upload a valid ID proof, address proof, and bank account proof.
  6. Complete the IPV verification process.
  7. Your account will be activated soon and Paytm Account login credentials will be sent to you.


No, Paytm Money Trading and Demat account cannot be opened offline as the discount broker only facilitates a fully digital KYC-based online account opening facility and any kind of offline and branch support is unavailable.


A 3-in-1 account is an integrated platform of trading, demat, and bank account. At Paytm Money, users can not open a 3-in-1 account as the broker only facilitates a 2-in-1 account means demat and trading account opening facility.


Paytm Money account opening process is 100% online, digital, and paperless. After submitting all the details like ID proof, address proof, bank proof, e-sign, etc. all the details will be verified by the broker and within 24 hours account, your account will be activated and called IR (Investment Ready).


Unique Client Code is the specific ID assigned in the exchanges for a particular user. Paytm Money assigns different client IDs or UCC to every user to access the Paytm app and web trading platform.


Keep the following documents handy to complete the digital KYC in Paytm Money.

  • Applicant’s photograph.
  • PAN card.
  • Address proof; Voter ID, driving license, aadhar card, etc.
  • IPV: 5-10 second recorded video of yourself.
  • Signature on plain white paper.
  • Bank proof; Cancelled cheque, the front page of bank passbook, account statement, etc.


  • Visit the official website of Paytm Money.
  • Go to the download center page and download the Download Paytm Money Account Modification Form
  • Enter existing and new details in the modification form.
  • Sign the form and attach the required documents with it.
  • Send the duly filled form to the broker.


You can check KYC status online on the Paytm Money app or web. Here is the process explained;

  1. Log in to the Paytm Money App or website.
  2. Go to the Profile option.
  3. Here, in case of KYC is successfully verified, it will display an “Investment Read” message with a green color mark.
  4. Unlike it, if your KYC is not verified, then it will show its reasons like “Person in the Video not match with photo”, “Signature is not clear” or “Photo is not clear”.
  5. Do the needful again, and once correct details are entered, your KYC will be verified.


You can check Paytm Money Demat account number online through the web or app. First, log in to the Paytm Money Account, go to the Account/Profile section, and check the Demat account number online.


Last Updated on 2023-12-22