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Indira Securities Account Opening
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India Securities Pvt Ltd, one of the most prominent brokers in India facilitates its customer base to trade-in equity, derivatives, commodity, currency, IPO, and mutual funds. The full-service broker is a registered DP with CDSL to offer depository services to people. The brokerage firm provides free demat and trading account opening facility to clients, thus, one can open a 2-in-1 account with IndiraTrade at zero account opening charges. Indira Securities Demat Account authorizes clients to hold and maintain securities converted into electronic balances in their account. However, Indira Securities Trading Account enable person to place buy or sell trade orders across various financial products offered by the broker. The brokerage house only facilitates Indian citizens to open an account online or offline and doesn't provide NRI services. Here, we are providing a thorough review of Indira Securities Account including account opening process, account opening charges, documents requirements, and other key aspects.

Indira Securities 2-in-1 Account Benefits

Before opening an account, the first question that comes to everyone’s mind is that why to open demat and trading account with Indira Securities, then, its justified answer in terms of the associated account benefits are noted below:

  • One destination to trade and invest in equities, F&O, commodity, currency, IPO, and MF.
  • Free demat and trading account opening services at zero account opening charges.
  • Easy account opening due to paperless process.
  • 33 years of proven track record in offering quality services to clients.
  • Customized financial solutions by experts to achieve individual’s financial goals.
  • Optimum and flexible brokerage plans offered by the broker.
  • Free research access to market reports, sector reports, IPO reports, and others.
  • Dedicated 24*7 customer service desk and dedicated relationship managers to assist clients anytime.
  • Free access to the advanced trading platforms i.e. TradeInsta App, web trading, and Indira Trader Terminal.

Indira Securities Account Opening Process

Broker provides both the online as well as offline account opening facility to customers, each of them are discussed here as follows:

Online Account Opening Procedure

  • Undoubtedly, every broker in today’s era of advanced technology, provides online process to facilitate clients to open demat and trading account instantly. Indira Securities is not at all an exception because opening an account with Indira Securities is completely paperless or online. The online procedure is a hassle-free process because of absence of physical documentation formalities.

    • Visit Indira Securities website and click on the “Open an Account” link.
    • Fill the sign-up form that requires your name, mobile number, and E-mail address.
    • Enter the OTP that you’ve received on the registered mobile number.
    • Set your account password and enter PAN number and DOB, based on the details, the system will automatically fetch your details and show that whether you’re a KRA verified client or not.
    • Enter your personal info such as name, address, residential status, marital status etc., upload your profile picture, and click on the “Save” button.
    • Provide your bank details including account number, bank name, bank branch, IFSC Code, and account type, and save the information.
    • Scan and upload the documents. To know the complete list of documents, check below.
    • Sign declaration form based on e-sign means digital signature via Aadhaar.
    • If everything is done precisely then the login credentials will be provided on your registered mail address that you can use to login and activate your account to trade-in various financial products.

    Offline Account Opening Procedure

    Not all the customers are familiar with online account opening therefore, may willing to open an account offline by filling physical forms. To open a demat and trading account offline, you have to submit the duly filled Indira Securities account opening form and submit it to the broker.

Indira Securities Account Opening Form

Indira Securities Account Opening Documents

Every brokerage firm takes several documents from clients to comply with the regulatory requirements. The list of account opening documents to trade with Indira Securities is pointed below:

  • Applicant’s passport size photograph
  • Copy of PAN Card.
  • Address Proof
  • Cancelled Cheque
  • Signature
  • To trade-in futures & options, anyone among last 6 months bank statement, last 3 years IT returns, last 6 month salary slip, CA certified net worth certificate, last 6 months passbook needs to be submitted.

Indira Securities Account Opening Status

  • Unlike other stockbrokers that provide an online account status check facility by entering client ID or PAN number, at Indira Securities, to know the status of your account, you need to call the customer service staff for depository desk or write at [email protected].

Indira Securities Account Opening Charges

Check here the complete list of Indira Securities Pvt Ltd demat and trading account Opening Charges;

Trading Account Opening ChargesFree
Trading AMCFree
Demat Account Opening ChargesFree
Demat AMCRs 400 PA

Indira Securities Account Modification

  • No-doubt, sometimes investors may require to modify/add/delete their account details such as bank details, address, and contact details such as mobile number or email id. Many brokers offer only offline account modification facility wherein investors need to download, print and submit the duly filed account modification form to the broker to successfully change their account details. However, this is not the case with Indira Securities as the broker facilitates clients through both the online as well as offline route to update their account details such as bank account, mobile number, e-mail address etc. Thus, Indira Securities customers can instantly modify their details online and in hassle-free manner. Clients are also allowed to add segments such as MCX and others for trading online. However, people unfamiliar with the method can select offline route by submitting physical forms to the broker and change their account details.

Indira Securities Account Modification Form

To download the Account Modification Form, follow these steps;

  • Visit the broker’s website.
  • Click on the “Download” button.
  • Under the download section, click on the “Modification Form”
  • Click on the “download” button to download the form.

Download Indira Securities Account Modification Form

Indira Securities Account Closure Process

  • The broker doesn’t provide online account closure facility. Anyone who is either not satisfied with the services offered, or not actively engaged in trading activities, or opening an account with another broker, then he or she may close an account with IndiraTrade. To close the account, person needs to send the account closure application letter and thereafter, Indira Securities customer service staff will make telephonic call to the customer to know the account closure reasons. Prior to closure, all funds and securities must be settled. After the exit interview, the broker send a confirmation letter and a copy of it is preserved for future reference. Notably, any account where there is no trade over the last 2 years and also doesn’t have sufficient balance then on the closure of annual books, the account will be closed.

Indira Securities Account Closure Policy

You can check the account closure policies and procedure of Indira Securities account through following these provided steps;

  • Go to the broker’s website.
  • Click on the “Download” option.
  • Click on the “Policies and procedure” button.
  • In the front of Account Closure Policy, click on the “Download” button to check the policy.

Indira Securities Account Closure Form

  • The broker doesn’t provide account closure form online on its website. You have to call the customer service desk or write to the broker at [email protected].

Indira Securities Account Closure Charges

  • There is no account closure charges means Indira Securities doesn’t charge any fee for account closure.

Is Indira Securities Good and Reliable Broker?

Indira Securities Pvt Ltd offers a number of financial products such as equity, F&O, commodity, currency, IPO, and mutual funds. Individuals can open a free demat and trading account with the Indira Securities to trade-in various financial offerings. The brokerage house also has an expert team that provides free research and stock recommendations services to customers. Researchers also provide the facility to create a customized portfolio for clients based on their financial objectives. Further, it provides advanced trading application i.e. IndiraTrade Insta mobile app and web trading platform, people can access any platform, and login to trade with Indira Securities online.

New Account Opening - How to join Indira Securities?

You can join the community of happy traders at Indira Securities by opening a 2-in-1 account including trading and demat account online.

Request call back from Zerodha

New Account Opening offers with Indira Securities

Currently, there is no new account opening offer with the broker, however, customers are allowed to open a free demat and trading account with IndiraTrade.

Indira Securities Promo Code

There is no promo code available to open an account with Indira Securities.

Indira Securities Referral Code

The full-service brokerage has a refer n earn program that enable clients to win an exciting rewards up to Rs. 5,000.

    In this section we have covered most frequest scenario you have about new account opening. Does Indira Securities have any promo code? Does Indira Securities have any special Offers? What are the refferal benefit with Indira Securities if I refer my friends or family? How can I start my trade with Indira Securities? Is Indira Securities good and reliable?


Individuals can open a free demat and trading account online with IndiraTrade. Below are the steps to open an account online with Indira Securities;

  • Sign-up the registration form and complete OTP based verification process.
  • Enter personal details such as name, residential status, address, and others.
  • Enter account details such as account number, IFSC code, bank name & branch, etc.
  • Upload scanned documents i.e. PAN Card, address proof, bank proof, and income proof to trade in derivatives.
  • Complete E-sign process via Aadhaar.
  • Use the login credentials received on your mail to activate your trading account.


For the KYC verification, you’ll be required to provide following set of documents to the IndiraTrade.

  • Applicant’s passport size photograph.
  • Copy of PAN Card.
  • Copy of address proof.
  • Cancelled cheque.
  • Applicant’s signature.
  • Income proof to trade-in derivatives.


The brokerage house doesn't facilitate clients to close an account online. In order to close your demat and trading account with IndiraTrade, firstly, customers need to clear all dues and securities that they hold in their demat account. Thereafter, you have to send the account closure request to the broker. After that, the customer service staff of Indira Securities will call the client for an exit interviews to know the reasons behind account closure and then send the confirmation letter to the client to close an account.


No, the brokerage firm IndiraTrade doesn't provide only demat account opening service as users are only allowed to open a 2-in-1 account - demat and trading account. Residents can open a free demat and trading account with Indira Securities at zero charges.


Last Updated on 2023-09-14