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Who are the cheapest option trading brokers in India?

If you are an option trader, then you may be interested to trade in options at the cheapest brokerage rates. Here is a list of the cheapest option trading brokerage firms in India;

  1. Zerodha, Best broker for option trading at Flat Rs. 20/order through the Zerodha Kite platform.
  2. Upstox, Trade in options at Flat Rs. 20 brokerage on the Upstox Pro platform.
  3. Prostocks, Rs. 15 per order flat brokerage on options.
  4. Paytm Money, cheapest option trading brokerage at just Rs. 10 per order.
  5. Edelweiss Broking charging Rs. 10 flat brokerage on options.

Note: Brokerage is not the only factor to check before while selecting the best option trading broker as traders must check for the option trading platform features like virtual trading, option trading strategies, and more.

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