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What are the key features available on the Zerodha mobile app?

Below are some key unique features at Zerodha.

NUDGE- With Nudge Zerodha helps its users avoid mistakes while taking any decision during buying and selling of securities. Zerodha shows you a warning Nudge if you try buying any dubious or penny stocks, or very illiquid scrips or stocks with corporate action, etc.

KITE ALERT- You can set an alert on various parameters using the Kite Alert feature through Zerodha. You will get a Mail and Mobile notification when the price hits the price condition set by you.

EVENT TAG- Zerodha has a cool feature in kite showing an event tag with the scrip name if it has any important event like financial results, corporate action, or Annual General meeting in the company.

GTT- This is one of the most popular features in Zerodha. The Good till triggered (GTT) feature works like an order that is active until the trigger condition is met. This trigger will be valid for one year. This helps you not to monitor the stock prices actively.

GIFT STOCK- You can gift Stocks, Mutual funds, Bonds, and ETFs to any of your friends or family member through the Zerodha Gift feature.

BASKET ORDER- Basket order helps you in placing multiple orders in one go. You can execute up to 20 orders in one basket at the same time. This is very helpful while making FNO strategies and their execution.

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