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What are the disadvantages of the Fyers thematic investment?

The Fyers thematics investment cannot give us the same return as we expected from it before investing. As the market prophecy is completely unpredictable, so no one can exactly determine the market’s mood, like whether it will go in a bullish direction or in a bearish direction.

The resources and reports on which stocks are selected for the thematic investment are purposed with false and unauthorized information, so stocks do not perform well in the real-time market.

No transparency shows when market experts select some particular stocks for the theme, Maybe possible that they are alluring you by describing those scrips that is already at the pick in the market. You may not get a profit after 1-2 years by investing in them.

Sometimes due to technical issues wrong stocks get picked up and the market’s sentiments are another reason for blind belief in a particular company’s stocks.

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