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How to Trade in MCX Gold (Bullion)?

MCX Gold (Bullion)

Gold is the most traded commodity on MCX. MCX offers 4 different combination of contract – Gold, GoldMini, Gold Guinea, and Gold Patel. MCX offers both Futures and Options trading for Gold, where options is limited for 1 product and futures for all 4 products.

Contract Trading Unit Base Value Max Order Qty Contract Type
Gold 1 KG 10 gm 10 KG Futures and Options
Gold Mini 100 gm 10 gm 10 KG Futures and Options
Gold Guinea 8 gm 8 gm 10 KG Futures
Gold Patel 1 gm 1 gm 10 KG Futures
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User Reviews

1. Vinay Jain Jul 12 2020 06:49:19 PM Reply
MCX is starting Gold Mini Options, now one can trade in Gold Mini(100 grams) options. The lot size is 100 lots. The expiry date will be the same as the gold mini futures which is the 5th of every month.