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How to offer shares for buyback?

In the tender offer for buyback, shareholders are required to tender the shares to participate. You can offer shares for buyback through your online trading account or alternatively by call n trade. An investor can apply for buyback of shares online through Online Stock Brokers like ICICI Direct, Share Khan, and Angel Broking etc. For this, login to your trading account, navigate to IPO option. If the company has already announced buy back and has initiated the process, then you will see the name of the company there. If not, wait for the option to appear. When you see the company name, click on GO and enter the number of shares you like to surrender for buyback. If chosen by the company, the shares will be bought back.

With discount brokers like ProStocks, Upstox, SAMCO etc, you need to call and request to place your buyback offer. Zerodha is the first discount broker who started online buyback tender form. So you dont need to call Zerodha customer support team. You can tender your buyback request on Zerodha Consol by your own.

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