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How to convert MIS intraday positions to BTST in Zerodha?

To convert MIS to BTST, you need to convert MIS order to CNC because BTST trade is only allowed in the equity delivery segment using CNC product type.

Steps to convert MIS to BTST in Zerodha

  • Log in to the Zerodha Kite platform.
  • On the menu bar, click on the “Positions” tab.
  • Click on the options (3 dotted lines) and then tap on the “Convert” option respective to the stock that you want to convert for BTST trade.
  • Enter the quantity (full or partial) and press on the “Convert” option.
  • Once done, your intraday positions will be converted into CNC and now, you can sell the shares on the next day i.e. T+1 day.
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