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Does Zerodha provide equity research?

Zerodha as a discount broker doesn't have a research team. However, Zerodha has a collaboration with Thomson Reuters to provide Equity research to Zerodha customers as paid service. Zerodha clients can review Thomson Reuters StockReports+ platform @Rs 150 PM plan or Rs 810 Half Yearly Plan or Rs 1440 Yearly plan.

StockReports+ has around 3000 Indian stocks updated daily, their rating, Industry ranking, Industry & sectoral analysis, comprehensive insights like earnings, fundamentals, risk, price movement, and insider trading.

StockReports+ is not a 100% research tool. It is more of an analytical platform that tells you the current fundamentals of the company and future outlook of the company and ranks accordingly.

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User Reviews

1. Jaisant singh Dec 15 2018 10:17:47 AM Reply
Its research report, not a tip, so difficult to make a decision. Should start Tip Service on a paid basis.