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Best Zero Brokerage Unlimited Trading Plans in India

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Best Zero brokerage unlimited trading plans - Top Brokers

Experience brokerage-free trading at zero cost with unlimited trading plans, best suited for active and frequent traders. Brokers providing a monthly brokerage plan like Prostocks allow you to place and execute thousands of trades at Rs 0 brokerage by paying a fixed monthly fee. Find below the best brokers offering zero brokerage unlimited trading plans in India 2023.

Unlimited Trading Plans| Trade at No brokerage

Unlimited trading plans or monthly brokerage plans, or fixed brokerage plans are particularly designed for active traders to do any number of trades in a month at zero commission or brokerage.

In unlimited monthly plans, brokers levy a one-time monthly fee rather than charging you every time when you place and execute any trade with the broker.

As you end up paying no brokerage on every trade, the plan is recommended for active traders who place thousands of orders every month.

Monthly unlimited trading plans help you to save a lot on brokerage front as the maximum brokerage charged is fixed every month.

Although brokerage is nil, you still have to pay exchange turnover fee, SEBI charges, demat debit charges, stamp duty, and GST.

Stockbrokers like Prostocks, Tradeplus, and SAS Online have different monthly plans for trading in different segments like equity intraday, equity F&O, commodities, and currencies. You can subscribe to the right plan that matches your trading requirements.

Check below the best unlimited trading plans offering brokers and compare the monthly brokerage fee charged by them.

Unlimited Monthly Trading Brokerage Plans [Brokerage-Free Trading]

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Prostocks has the best unlimited zero brokerage trading plans for intraday traders, derivative traders, and currency traders. Here are the two unlimited monthly plans available with Prostocks.

  • Prostocks Rs. 899 Unlimited equity and equity derivatives trading plan.
  • Prostocks Rs. 499 Unlimited currency trading plan
Rs 15ProStocks ReviewOpen Account
SAS Online

SAS Online has unlimited trading plans for all the segments whether it is equity, currency, or commodity. The broker has two monthly plans as follows;

  • SAS Online Rs. 999 per month plan for equity and currency
  • SAS Online Rs. 1999 per month plan for MCX or commodity trading
Rs 9/order or 999 PMSAS Online ReviewOpen Account

Tradeplus offers a fixed zero brokerage trading plans to allow you to place unlimited volume of trades every month across all exchanges at zero charges.

  • Tradeplus Flat Pro Plan at Rs. 499/month for all derivative segments
Max Rs 9TradePlusOnline ReviewOpen Account

Zero Brokerage Unlimited Trading Benefits

The unlimited fixed brokerage plans serve traders the following advantages;

  • Best suitable for frequent traders to place an unlimited number of trades without worrying about brokerage charges
  • No brokerage levies on per executed order basis
  • No limit on number of orders, trades, or quantities.
  • Lowest brokerage charges with high-volume trading
  • One-time fee is charged thereby lower GST payout.
  • Zero hidden charges

Best Zero Brokerage Unlimited Trading Plans Broker

Prostocks has the best unlimited trading plan for you. Whether you are a day trader or F&O trader, you can subscribe to equity and equity F&O plans at Rs 899/month and currency unlimited trading plan at Rs 499/month. But it does not provide unlimited zero brokerage monthly trading plan for trading in commodities.

SAS Online and Tradeplus are the other stock brokers recommended to enjoy commission-free trading experience at absolutely no brokerage.


Prostocks is a new entrant in the discount brokerage space but offers the best zero brokerage unlimited trading plan. If you are an active intraday or derivative trader then you can subscribe to Prostocks Rs. 899 monthly brokerage plan to place unlimited number of MIS and F&O trades without worrying about per order brokerage charges.


Prostocks and Tradeplus Rs. 499/month plan are the best unlimited zero brokerage currency trading plans. If you are a currency trader and place a hundreds of trades every month in the currency derivative segment then you can open an account with these brokers and subscribe to the monthly plan to trade in the currency segment at zero brokerage.


Tradeplus offers the cheapest unlimited zero brokerage commodity trading at a monthly fee of just Rs. 499. Commodity traders who trade in the commodity derivative segment can subscribe to Tradeplus Rs. 499/monthly plan to place an unlimited number of MCX trades at NIL charges.


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